What was your first hero of the month

Got my first one this month. Actually received two. So super excited


Evelyn is my only HotM.
Pulled 4 in a row, kept 2.



20 dead teammates


Mine was Onatel and got two in a row. She makes a great tank …

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Kunchen. Great HotM. I was so happy when I pulled him. He’s sitting at 3/70 for the time being.

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And I got Maggie.

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I don’t have HoTM :confused:

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Drake Fong back when I first started out. Still love using him.

My first HOTM was Evelyn. The free Epic Hero Token we got for Xmas day awarded me with the bonus pull! I then got an Evelyn on my very next single pull… I started playing May of last year, and it took me 7 months to get a HOTM, then got 2 in a row.

Il mio e stato musashi


20 HoTMs…

Onatel. Also my first 5-star of any kind. Couldn’t believe my luck. As F2P, I never bothered even looking at the HotM, because I knew the low odds of pulling one, but for some reason in January 2019, I did. I thought she looked awesome and envied anyone who got her. On my second Atlantis summon that month, I pulled her and freaked out! Her mana control has been a game changer. I now complete all stages of rare quests, Legendary challenge events, seasonal events, and I am now only two levels from finishing Atlantis hard. Too bad for her that I subsequently drew Poseidon in March, and I think he’s gonna get the darts, but I will always love the Blind Seer. Wish I had the mats to max them both.

My first HOTM was GM. I had no idea he’s any good. Got him for a free epic token…

My Drake Fong five. I got 3 in one 30 pull in Atlantis, and 1 each on separate 10pulls… back when I was lucky.

Oh, just recognized, that Ares and Musashi are also HotMs.

Then Ares was my first, but I got both way after their hot months.

Also have Aeron, Misandra and Inari. Are they HotMs, too? Is there a list of all?

My first and only HOTM is Khiona, for some reason no matter how many pulls i do i can’t get another one.

Perseus unfortunately

Evelyn. Did 90+ pulls during Avalon and got 0 of her. On 20 or so tokens for the winter seasonal event, I received 2 of her. One is at 4.80, the other is at 1.1 waiting for more tonics.

My first was Aegir. I thought he was great until I realized he wasn’t. Until he was again. I also picked up Onatel. They’re my only 2 HotMs.

Aeron is indeed a HotM (in fact, he was my first HotM pull back when he was new). HotMs are (in order of appearance if memory serves me well):

  • Hel
  • Athena
  • Ares
  • Musashi
  • Alberich
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Perseus
  • Natalya
  • Zeline
  • Delilah
  • Aeron
  • Alasie
  • Gravemaker
  • Gregorion
  • Drake Fong
  • Khiona
  • Aegir
  • Zimkitha
  • Evelyn
  • Onatel
  • Kunchen
  • Frida
  • Anzogh
  • Margaret
  • Ranvir (next month)

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