What videos do you want to see?

As you guys know by my YouTube channel, I tend to stay pretty active on there. I mostly get feedback from my audience on there and the questions I receive. But I wanted to reach out a bit more on the forums and get your feedback as far as the things you would like answered. Or anything you are looking to improve on. I have quite a few in the works and in the coming future a lot more videos will be posted that wont be 2 hour live streams. I have heard suggestions of doing really specific live streams and just honing in on one subject for the day. I am always looking to improve and enjoy giving content back to the masses.

-Anchor 7DD


2 hours is just too long of a youtube video. If I were you, I would start timestamping your live streams when you start to talk about a different topic so that you can edit them and break them up in smaller sections that are specific. Keep up the good work, a lot of people appreciate what you are doing.


Agreed with the timestamping record in the description of different topics.

Currently the live videos are getting timestamped by a people that are watching it on replay. And then they comment the time stamps and i pin them to the top of the video. Going through manually myself after a two hour live stream, rewatching it and then cutting it, editing it and then reproducing it while running the alliance would be extremely difficult. There’s no way for me to do that on every live stream.

Which is why I am looking to get feedback towards the questions you guys want to know and try and put content out specific to that. On each live stream I probably get asked around 100+ different questions. Some of which i feel is valuable content, some I don’t know is valuable and some of it is just fun.

I love the idea of shorter videos and know people would appreciate it, it’s easier if I just produce individual content for what seems to be pressing on peoples minds.

Thanks for the feedback!

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@Anchor. Based on what I’m reading on the forums, I think there’d be an audience for a series of shortish videos, one for each of the new S2 heroes. Most of them are very specialized tools or have some non-obvious strengths or weaknesses.

Example: Wilbur casting into a team with a Kiril ready to fire = bad move. Or healing first, then casting Triton. Or how exactly can Anemmona (or whatever) help a team?

Would have been easier to do these when we still had all the testers in beta, but to the extent you can, I think these would be very helpful for many players.


I like watching videos with 4* heroes because I don’t have any 5* heroes leveled. I like to hear thoughts, opinions about 4* compatibility with eachother. Also I would like to see somebody competing in an event and actually be able to watch how they get their high scores within 40 seconds but there isn’t any of those videos besides the one zero made where he specifically said a few times he wasn’t competing. I know you’ve posted event livestreams but the actual game screen is too small with everything surrounding it I can’t actually watch it. With the face cam and everything else, I think that’s unnecessary. Avicious has some kind of actual uploading bug where there’s just empty black space on most of the screen and his uploads are tiny rectangles I can’t see so I don’t even watch his videos which is unfortunate.


I’d like to see a general war strategy video

  • overcoming unicolor Tank Defense
  • utilizing your strong vs weaker teams
  • how best to use a 3* team
  • hitting any-ol-time vs hitting at specific hours
  • 3 hits + 3 hits, or save up for all 6 hits at once?

Stuff like that. Does not have to address all items at once. :slight_smile:


What does’ Seven Days Departed’ actually stand for?

Well this game has a point that every one may start from.
I want to see videos talking about making raid teams that can lead a newbie during all the arena ranks
From silver to diamond.
And may you consider making videos of how would a F2P with 3☆ or 4☆ or mixed in between team … to win in raids.
Thanks for reading.


I noted in your latest video of the Titan hit you did not pre- charge Wu. I thought that was necessary to get the full benefit…
Awesome job!

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Guys im loving the suggestions and when you see something you like definitely make sure to heart it.

I definitely want to get more F2P content out there with my Alt. He’s so unleveled at the moment, I haven’t had time to even mess with it but there is a lot of valuable information for beginner players to go out. I have a video coming out very soon.

@Kerridoc I have thought about doing that, issue is a lot of the heroes change after beta. Added to the fact SG has been a little closed lips on beta content I have been hesitant.

I plan on doing a fair amount of season 2 stuff when we see the new heroes coming out in a few days.

Admittedly I am working on trying to get better with making small videos, it’s something I am learning tbh. Trying to find a style that doesn’t take too much time to create but the quality is out there. I am not the best planner/organizer and why I think I have felt the most free doing more of my live streams.

@SWEG issue with the event. Is it is not a very simple to show you in 45 seconds how to get a high score. There’s information to know ahead of time.

I would start with this 12 minute video that explains the preparation with it.


I don’t mean 40 second video lol. UCLAPACK said that his high scores were of runs where he tried to complete each stage in around 40 seconds. I have no idea how this is possible, that’s what I meant.

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I want to watch a high score run

It would be nice if someone did a breakdown of each challenge event and what teams would be best against what level. Like if players should focus on leveling a blue team for the upcoming Fables event or not and what hero’s not to use.


Yes. For Epic I’d suggest a team of Kiril, Grimm, Grimm, Grimm, and Triton. Or a fourth Grimm.

But I agree some videos on this would be good, because you would ideally have some variations depending on the stage and whether you are using many or few items.

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Great idea. And as Sweg suggested some videos of the runs after the event as well

4 heros of zame color??! Really? Does this even work?
What if the board were sick!

Also who on earth has x4 Grimm s ?!!

Man I feel I am an :alien: here!

Rare Epic have the most players in E&P … not many players can even beat the legendry.
I like your idea bro.

So I asked a pretty simple question and no one took the time to answer it.
Someone should know especially Anchor

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