What type of hero for titan please?


Hi dears, I have a question:

I am confused. I was taught to use a fast mana single shooter hero for the titan.

Fast mana: shoots quickly
Single shooter: there is only one titan, not several

This has been working quite well. I am at 3800 team strength and I do decent titan damage.

My first priority is titan. Heroes for titan. Not really interested in pvp. Only for the chest. I simply do not enjoy it.

NOW, I want to level a 2nd green shooter for the blue titan. I already have caedmon, maxed.

AND I read in the forum recently that titan damage depends on … uhm … the hero’s strength… if I remember correctly … not on its shooting / shots.

Sorry, I can’t make heads or tails of that statement, because I had never heard or read that before … and in a foreign language, too. (I am German)

THUS can somebody please explain this to me … or point me to a document, please? And in simple terms that a 57 year old lady can understand … who is not a math professor?

CURRENTLY my choice is between Kadilen (I can get her to 3/70) and ship Boy Peters (I can get him to max) . Of course, I would very much prefer Lianna, but I do not have her …

Can somebody help me please?

Thank you very much in advance.


Most of your titan score comes from tile damage, rather than special attacks. Some fast mana specials are useful due to their secondary effects, but don’t look to use them exclusively.
If your focus is titans rather than PvP then you need the heroes with the highest base attack stat - the first stat on a heroes card. If you want to know a heroes max stat before you level them up you can check them on the elemental/epic summon list. The attack stat combined with your troops will have a huge effect on titan damage.
Your most useful attacks are ones that raise your teams attack, like those of Boldtusk and Kiril, and ones that lower the titans defence like with Grimm and Tiburtus. None of those attacks are fast charging but they’re vital for titans.

I know nothing about Kadilen, always get Kadi and Elkanen mixed up, but if you can’t max them then go for Peters. I use him in a team with 5* heroes and he’s great, and his silence attack stops the titans special from firing.


So there are two ways to damage: Tiles and Special skills.

Hero attack stat governs how much damage each matched tile does.

Special skills are the shooting ability (eg 320% damage when you have the mana)

Overall, I believe that the tile combos do more damage overall to the titan. I think Kadilen has higher attack stat so I would choose her over Cabin Boy Peters based on the numbers alone. I’ve never had Peters though- does his attack prevent the titan from using the special attack?


Thank you very much indeed!

Your replies sure shed light on the matter! :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot, I have Horghall too. But I cannot max him either. Only to 3/70. I only have 5 shields, and they are very hard to come by.

So, go with ship boy peters because I can max him?
Or Kadilen at 3/70?
Who knows the attack stat at that level?

A guild buddy has peters, and he says that the “silencing” ability does not work against the titan :frowning:

4* troops level 9 for the main hero.


When I use cabin boy peters the silencing ability works. The strongest titan we’ve faced is 7*.



That is good news indeed! Thank you very much!


Yup, the silence ability works on titans. It only blocks the special attack, it will still use its standard attack as normal. Maybe that’s what confused your friend.


And the Cabin Boy’s stats are good, almost exactly aligned with Caedmon’s. His special does 320% to Caedmon’s 345%, but its silencing effect is much more valuable against titans than Caed’s debuff.


Lovely, dears, thank you very much!
Then I will level the cabin boy next.

Hopefully that will help against blue titans. :slight_smile:

That is, at the moment, the only titan where I am missing the 2nd hero in the strong color.

And I must admit that doing measly attacks against that stupid blue kraken did make me just a little cranky today :wink:

So, thank you very much for your help and advice!


Good call. At 4/70 Peters’ attack stat is 641. At 3/70 Kadilen’s is only 585. So Peters will give more tile damage, more special, and simply stop the Titan special attack.

A small benefit of stopping the attack is that you save almost two seconds of time waiting for the titan’s special to resolve.



Lovely, thank you very much! Also for the attack stats!

I have already started leveling the cabin boy.

And I must say that this forum is a great source of information! Given in a way that a 57 year old lady understands :wink:

Thank you all very much! I really appreciate the help and support! :kissing_heart:


Time for a big THANK YOU!

Cabin boy Peters is now maxed. And he is performing very well against blue titans, together with Caedmon.

And I have finally finished my project “2 shooters for each color titan”. YEAH!!!

First 2 rows are my heroes that attack the titan.
List of heroes … not teams …

Third row shows Scarlett (2nd red hero … she was my 1st red 4*, and might as well use her) and 3 heroes that I am currently leveling.

Thank you very much for your help and support!