What totally irrational /superstitious behaviors do you exhibit in this game?

Ohhh yes. I like to keep my buildings equal. And also forgot, a little while back I decided that I must keep 1 of each type of 3* troop and level them all up to minimum level 5.

Just because… uh… well… some events don’t let you bring your 4* troops, and level 5 is a decent level for a basic 3* troop to be at… or so I tell myself. Really just an arbitrary number I decided on, based on zero evidence and for no apparent reason.

Agreed… but if I start asking myself “how long is it going to take me to actually finish all of this stuff?” then I realize the futility of it all and the whole plan falls apart.

So I stopped asking myself those kinds of questions.


I think I down a beer too was the original must edit my post. I use heniz soup too :+1:


Oh shoot. That’s where I went wrong. I took a shot of liquor and poured Campbell’s chicken noodle soup on my head.

No wonder all I ever get are 3* heroes. :man_facepalming:


Yeah could be never know! Try it?
Need beer and chicken soup for teltoc put that on my shopping list :wink::+1:


It took me quite a while to efficiently lay out my map.

Now it drives me nuts that I have 2 more mills than there are slots in the bottom left! Why???

This is infuriating! Thank goodness there’s an island of tranquility near the waterfall, 4 training camps in 4 slots, all neatly grouped together!

On the other side of the bridge near the rune stones are the forges, also in a 4/4 arrangement, one is a training camp.

But the rest…:roll_eyes:


I am a new player, roughly 3 months or so.

I, too, prefer to do and have things in multiples of 5, and in what I think is the most efficient way possible.

I’m running two TC 11s for my feeders, third stays open for leveling as I level my SH to get to 20.

If I pull to max heroes allowed from one, and haven’t reached 10 of one color, I automatically buy more space, even though I pay for VIP only and gems are precious. Thank goodness It’s 50 gems for 5 more slots, which feeds into that multiples of 5 :joy:.

It is very, very hard for me to complete POV challenges that require me to use 2 troops in leveling another troop…but as I only have 3* troops so far I’ve licked that wound by reminding myself of efficiency, and waiting on better troops.

If it’s less than 5 certain color heroes to level another hero, they still get 10 heroes of that color when I level.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…but I am certainly enjoying playing!

PS - I still haven’t seen a dragon flying about my base that I can shoot down, still searching for that elusive ******. Ducks? Have to kill every one I see, whether POV or not. Lol


Spending money and pulling, thinking that I’ll actually get decent heroes.


I dont raid if I have war or tournament flags to use. Fear of RNG losing me a great board…

Edited to add: I also try and use my attack teams in the same order each war


I’m with you totally on the costumes, I can’t remember who is what so if I have two then they always appear for trials :grin: and I have two CJoon, he’s good enough for a duplicate, one with emblems one without but with his costume boost :+1:


I always keep a reserve of 100 items/fast tickets, 40 of crafting materials and 10 of world energy flasks (which is useless, because i don’t use them not even when i need it).


When I’m summoning a non-daily hero or claiming a TC20 hero, I cover my phone and slowly reveal the hero as if I’m checking a blackjack hand… First looking at the Team Cost to see how many stars the hero is


TGW reminded me of the Ducks. I’m in the “always leave 1 alive” camp. You don’t want to over hunt them eh?


I’ve been finding that 30% exp+ has been consistently good recently with levelling up skills (take that with a pile of confirmation bias of course). :laughing:


Everytime I start pulling I listen to Taylor Swift for good luck :smiley:


I was pretty okay once I got the training camps out of sight. I don’t want to know how many hours are left.



Crafting items so the number of items I have in stock are in multiples of 5 (resources pending).

Pulling when feeling lucky - occasionally ‘works’.

Trying to curse war opponents’ internet connection so they get bad scores. :laughing:


I wonder if it only flies by when you have an active titan? I haven’t tracked close enough to be sure but I always assumed it was the titan flying around to taunt me.


Oh, and now that the Halloween Morlovia event has been announced, I’ll probably go around again bouncing every single Jack-o-lantern in the stronghold in hope of some sort of Easter Egg


Ha ha, yes…been there, done that


Irrational? Keeping pouring the money in, even though I already have all the heroes I need to play.

Too heavy?

  • Spending alteration scrolls sometimes on fire titans just to get my record beaten (even though my alliance kills them within like 6 hours usually).
  • Revenging on offensive raids against strong teams/known players (to me or globally) when I lost first attack terribly, even when my goal is filling the chest and I could really just get a free roll for next one
  • this little wannabe lifehack with 2 silver coins before doing a pull… I think this is completely random, not changing anything and very silly thing to do believing that you can cheat RNG. Yet, I still do it.
  • spending my loot tickets chasing mission avatars that I am not even going to use.
  • play seasonal events/challenges from the easiest to the advanced, even though the rewards from easy and medium tiers are just meh.
  • whenever I do 30x pull, I make it a big deal, not hastening things up by clicking on the screen, just celebrating the moment when those heroes are popping up. Also usually get everything around me done before that, making myself comfortable etc. Of course, it’s devastating when after that all I get is Quintus and a bunch of 4s :smiley:

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