What totally irrational /superstitious behaviors do you exhibit in this game?

I’ve used a few reset tokens in those cases. Normally I like to have some emblems on every finished hero, but sometimes I finish a hero, emblem it, start using it and think… meh.

My Obakan had some emblems once. He doesn’t anymore. :grin:


If a grey token gives me a three star troop or hero just as I am going through my superstitious pull routine (at an event or something generally) and I just know that was my RNG good luck just used up and that no further summons will give me a thing, :cry:


Then I’ll start with Chao, my best ranger so far. When I’m done, I’m sure I’ll finally get my own Lianna. :rofl:

Once a day I kill the dragon AND all the ducks in the same screen, you can do it you just have to time it correctly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There was a time when I waited 20 days to do a 10 pull on my tc 20 because someone said it would improve my chances of getting a 5 *. It never worked.

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Possibly… RNG does like to play tricks like that.

In my experience, if there is a particular hero that I want… I will not get it until I completely stop caring and thinking about it. That’s how I got my Lianna… by finally convincing myself that I’d never get a Lianna and that I should just give up trying.

A week later, she showed up in my training camp.


Can RNG be fooled? I’ll try.

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It won’t work if it knows you’re trying to fool it! You have to completely empty your mind and fully convince yourself that you do not care. It’s not good enough to simply pretend you don’t care.

It’s like the matrix. You have to go into a full Zenlike state.


That sounds perilously close to a fairly false Forum fact?

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I think it might be possible if you’re playing on a very large touchscreen and drink 3 pots of coffee before attempting…



If I’m leveling up a hero who skill is not at 8/8, I sit through the entire animation, somehow thinking that rushing it will hurt the chances of the skill improving.
Also, I do ALL summons from my base screen centered on the watchtower.

Correct, I play on an iPad and it’s easy to do if you time it correctly :+1: I’m practicing for the POV kill dragon!

I figured it would be possible if I had a big enough screen to work with. Doesn’t work for me with my fat fingers on my small phone. That’s okay though, as there isn’t any actual reward for killing the dragon…

… or is there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Personal satisfaction is the reward!

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Not really a superstition, more of an unconscious behavior. I always target a hero before I attack them. Whether I’m using an AoE hero, I’m shooting at Blacky (who I own), or they’re the last man (woman) standing.:roll_eyes:

I hate seeing things go to waste. For instance sending cascades of tiles into space at the end of a round, when my guys are already charged for the next one!

Killing the 11th duck. Please, kill it, a life without family is not life, don’t be cruel.

I have … (checks phone) … 17 maxed 5*. I am working on Sartana #2 and Lianna #2, soon to be finished. I have Joon #2 and Marjana #2 sitting at 3/70 awaiting one more set of darts and rings. I have the scopes for two more 5*, if I decide to max one it is either Richard #2 or Isarnia #2 (I am waiting for Magni to appear).

I have 95% S1 5* so choice is limited. Sartana #2 or Domitia #2 or Quintus? Lianna #2 or Horghall #2?

I do have Sartana’s costume but both will likely stay costumed when maxed.

As for building items: I like multiples of ten and even numbers and fives. So, although ten is a multiple of ten, it has that one in there. I’ll build to 20. Then 40 … 50 … 60 … 80 … 100 … 120 … 150 … 200 … 300 … etc. If I can’t reach a “safe” number I don’t build (except to finish daily PoV, then 5 or 10 is acceptable in the short term).

I tend to fist pump when feeding a hero to encourage the special to increase. I get disappointed when I forget to do that, and I am shocked when I forget and the special goes up. That’s like the laws of physics were just broken!

I try to keep expectations low when pulling to encourage the portal to be kind. But knowing I am doing that lifts my expectations, which leads to expectations I will be disappointed, which leads to expectations maybe it’ll work this time …

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And I just cannot leave the “Summons are rigged” threads unanswered.

But they are! :rofl:

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Another one… Autoplay when farming lower levels drives me nuts!

I have to switch to normal play because I can’t stand the bad, wasteful moves of the AI!

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