What totally irrational /superstitious behaviors do you exhibit in this game?

Mine is I always craft the number of items to get to a total stored of a multiple of 5, even though as soon as I use one The system breaks down!


+1 for me :slight_smile:

i also used to have to resist the urge to feed feeders away as soon as i got them. of course, the first time i had a 3* reach 3/50 with a special skill level of ⅜, made me stop with that pretty quickly …


Multiples of 10. Always in 10’s :laughing:


I do 4 tc 11s. One has all my recruits. The other 3 i like to have same days and hrs of training. :call_me_hand:t3:

Also like to wait 3 hrs before collecting all food and iron

And i never raid within an hr of war hits


Before I go to war I check my boards, do some farming or something.

If things are really bad I continue to play until the boards improve a little.

If I get half a dozen diamonds of course I’m upset, dang, I should’ve gone straight to war!:roll_eyes:


Kind of embarrassing: I have to knock the dragon out of the sky before I do a 10 or 30 pull. Logically I know it doesn’t change anything but… :woman_shrugging: I got Kingston last Atlantis and Gefjon today.


I do the same exact thing! Hahahahaha


Practically everything I do in this game is irrational. But okay, I’ll list some of the main ones that are almost certainly signs of OCD tendencies.

  • I, like you, am also a fan of having things in multiples of 5. If I have excess resources I need to use, I’ll check my stockpiles… if I see that I have 267 antidotes, and enough mats to craft several hundred more, I will craft exactly 233 of them.

  • I get very annoyed when I level up a 3* hero to 50 and it’s special skill doesn’t get up to 8. It’s still not done!!! There was a time when I would single feed them, hoping for them to level up. Quickly figured out what a waste that was. Decided to wait until I had enough feeders to guarantee 100% ascension. A couple of times, I only had 9/10 of them… and made the foolish mistake of thinking “hey 90% chance, that’s practically 100%, right? What could possibly go wrong?” :man_facepalming: Oh, right, I forgot how much RNG absolutely HATES MY GUTS!!! Will only do 10/10 on those now.

  • 99% of the time, I only do on-color feeding. Unless I have a hero that is very very close to leveling up… I look at that stupid bar and how close it is, and say “@#$% it! I’m feeding an Aife to my red hero! Yeah, that’s right, I did it! I’m a freaking rebel, man!”

  • If I’m about to level up and there is no titan to kill… I will play season 1 province 1 quests until I’m about 50 xp away from leveling, then put my phone down until the next titan appears.

  • I keep exactly 3 days worth of recruits in TC11 and at least 30 days worth in TC20 at all times. The 3 days worth is in case I get busy for a couple of days. I try not to allow myself to skip more than that.

  • Embleming heroes… ideally I like to emblem each finished 4*+ hero up to level 4 at least whenever possible. Then to 7, then 10, then 12, etc. I get a little bit annoyed when I only have enough emblems to bring them to one of the “in between” tiers.

  • Get very annoyed when my food or iron gets full (I know, I know, it’s certainly better than the alternative… seems like I always either have too much or not enough). I will intentionally go and craft, build, or research stuff on purpose just to get rid of excess, even if I have no use at all for the buildings or items themselves.

  • If I get a costume for a hero, I must keep 2 copies of that hero. I must level up both the original and the costume to max (including max special). Then, once they are both complete, I must set one permanently with costume and one permanently without. No switching back and forth later. At that point, they are two completely different heroes in my mind.

  • Boards… if I get bad boards initially, I might hold off on doing anything important. Wait an hour or so before trying again. Conversely… if I get good boards, I will keep going until I start to get a nervous feeling that my luck is about to run dry.

Probably got 100+ other weird irrational things I do. Far too many to list.


Wow. I’m speechless at the dedication and focus described in this statement. :slight_smile:


Same here but I’ll add some of my own:

  • I have to wait a minimum of one hour between Raid Tournaments hits to allow RNG to reset rather than doing all at once.

  • Even though you only have to kill 11 ducks for PoV, I can’t leave any left over from that flock

That’s all I can think of right now.


I subtly feel that it’s worse feeding a weaker colour hero to a stronger colour hero than the opposite. I have to force myself not to care!


It’s very much an OCD thing. It’s not rational at all, and it’s probably an overall terrible game strategy. :laughing:

Other ones that come to mind:

  • When embleming heroes, if it’s a mostly offensive hero, I will go for the sword path. If it’s mostly a defensive / support hero, I go for health and shields. When forced to pick between health and shields, I compare each hero to other heroes of similar level. If the hero I’m embleming has lower shield strength than others in its class, I go with shield; and vice versa. I like to keep my heroes balanced.

  • I almost always only level up one hero in each color at one time. Occasionally I will branch out and work on two at a time… in those cases, the hero whose special is not maxed yet eats all the 1* feeders. The one whose special is already done eats all the 2s and above. If I pull a 3*+ feeder, I check my roster to make sure their twin(s) are already finished. If not finished, I feed them their twin. If finished already, I allocate the dupe hero to whatever other hero in that color that I’m currently working on.

  • I like to keep at least 10 WE and 10 titan flasks. I will gladly use titan flasks to help kill a titan when necessary as long as I have more than 10. WE flasks I will gladly burn when there is a guaranteed quest item I need, and don’t feel like waiting for flags.

  • Though when it comes to flasking, I do not like using a flask if I am more than 50% towards getting my next “natural flag”. By that I mean… I won’t use a WE flask if I have 1 WE flag and am about to get another. I will wait until I have 3, then autoplay S1 8-7 before using a flask. When it comes to titan flasks… if I am going to get another flag in 1 hour and the titan is not going to escape for say another 2 hours, I will wait until I get my “natural” flag before using a flask.

Same. I know some people joked on here that they leave one alive to warn the rest of the ducks… if I kill one, I have to kill them all. Even if it’s not in the PoV daily. :laughing:

I have a similar issue when it comes to offensive attacking. I have been told on here that special skill attacks do not count as elemental attacks, but I still feel like my red heroes’ special attacks will be more effective when targeting a green enemy vs. a blue one.


I’m guessing you don’t have any 5* costumes then…

I did that for Tibs, simply because I got tired of swapping his costume back and forth for titans.

Most I only use the costume or not though. Until the tower, when c Rigard and Mel became MUCH worse than their normal versions.

I like to have battle items in multiples of 5s. But if I’m down to 11 tornadoes and need to burn just a bit of iron then I’ll only make 2.

Which leads me to my real insanity… I don’t like being low on ANYTHING. If I’m below 1M food or iron I consider it low. I’m usually hovering around 2M just so I don’t go below 1M if I need to ascend someone. If I get below 10 of a 4 star battle item, 30 of a 2 star, or 50 of a 1 star I’ll build more before using them!

I’d realistically be better off running lower on food/iron. I know this. But I can’t make myself do it.


Not yet, unfortunately. Though even if I did… if I had 2 copies of that hero, I’d be keeping them anyway. Unlike some people here, I don’t have 30 maxed 5* heroes. If I happen to pull 5 Vivicas in a row? I’m keeping every single one of them, at least until I have enough other yellows to replace her. And even then, if I have her costume also, I’m going to keep 2 of her.

Not saying I will finish both of them anytime soon… far from it. I still have several twins that aren’t done yet. But they all go into my “to do… eventually” list.

That list is currently full enough to keep me busy for a long, long time to come.

EDIT: I do have 3 Richards. 1 is done. Will start working on a second one if I don’t get any other blues worth working on.


Same here! Yet I constantly run out of backpacks. Kills me.

I have over 1000 rugged shirts saved up but I only use them occasionally because well, I don’t want to run short on ham in case I need to emblem somebody or something.

So I also need to keep my ham & iron supplies balanced, God forbid one is drastically lower than the other.


I crack a beer, then pour chicken soup on my head and dance around the room when I do a 10 or 30 pull screaming the said hero’s name I want. Then down the beer. :wink::+1:


I tried that once, but I must have used the wrong brand of soup or something.


Keep emblems and troop levels equal.

Mats 2x what’s needed, so I always have a spare

Buildings equal

Stockpiling ingredients … but not actually “making” the items until I need them

I don’t think it’s OCD as much as being the youngest sibling and a dad that spent his entire childhood in Boy Scouts… A decade in the navy … then spent my life being the Rainman of “being prepared” —


I have 11 maxed… 12 soon. Odds that I’ll ever level a second identical 5 is extremely low simply because the materials are so rare.

I do know people with 30+ maxed though… and they’re STILL rare. But they’re overflowing with 3 star ascension mats. I’m not having THAT issue yet…

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Off topic, but wow, I’m having a lot of fun reading this thread! Glad I’m not alone in my strange “must use flags” “must save flasks in multiples of 5”


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