What to work on next?

Just finished working on my first rainbow team and I’m wondering what to work on next

-Green: Get Little John to 3/60 (currently 2/27) or switch to Buddy? Should I bring Caedmon to final ascension when I get one more shield or should I leave him at 3/60?
-Red: Ares or Wilbur?
-Blue: Magni, Triton, Isnarnia or Kiril?
-Purple: Get G.Panther to 3/70 (currently 2/9) or work on Proteus?
-Yellow: Get Justice to 3-70 (currently 3-7) or switch to Wu Kong

These are my ascension materials if that helps

You aren’t close enough to having a set of 6 color-specific epic ascension mats (e.g. darts) to be working on 5* heroes yet. 4* heroes take a lot less hams, feeder heroes and ascension mats and often add nearly as much (or more in some cases) to the overall team.

In your specific case:

  • Green finish Caedmon, a solid workhorse hero. Buddy follows, but his very low attack stat means he should be paired with a solid attacker (like Caedmon)
  • Blue Grimm is a superb start. Kiril should be you next priority. He may seem unimpressive but he’s one of the best 4*. Useful forever.
  • Red Wilbur without a doubt. He’s amazing. Bring him against every Titan. You also don’t have the mats to get Ares to fourth ascension, and he’s not very helpful until then.
  • Yellow Switch to Wu. Combine him with Wilbur against titans and all your allies will gawk at you in awe. And you’ll get more ascension mats from your high performance.
  • Purple okay, this one is the hardest. I’m going to go with Proteus. Panther works best paired with another strong purple attacker, which you don’t have. Proteus is amazing as a stand-alone hero.