What to upgrade first? And the best team for

Hello guys. I’m new here and i need help what to upgrade first and what is the best team from those champs.
I need defend/raid/titan team

I’ll be very glad for your help <3

You have good 4* heroes there to work with. I think most of them are worthy to level up. But keep un mundo that a lot of people advise to first Focus on maxing 2-3 good 3* héroes in each color. They are quicker to level up and Will help you to complete quests and missions for ascension materials for your 4*. I did that, but at the same time chose a good 4* of each color to level up first too. From what you have, good choices would be imo: rigard-sonia/grimm-brynhild-falcon-mist. But others are great too

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If you’re focused on 4* heroes, then I’d max these ones:

  • Rigard: he’s probably one of the best healers in the game, so does his costume.
  • Tiburtus: you have his costume, which is better than his original version.
  • Mist: her special skilla can help you so much.
  • BLUE
  • Kirill: max both him and his costume.
  • Grimm: good pair with Kirill for red titans.
  • Almur and Buddy are perfect to debuff defense against blue titans.
  • RED
  • G. Falcon and Scarlett have great synergy for green titans.

As a defense team, I’d put Boril and Brynhild together and mist. The other two could be Rigard and Sonia or Tiburtus.


It’s me again.
I’ve got a little more heroes and it’s more complicated now haha

Upgrade this 2 ninjas first?

5* take a long time to max. You are better off working on a core of 4* heroes first to improve and then start on the 5*. That way you can use your maxed 4* while waiting for the 5*.


I agree with @nevarmaor. I’d finish a solid base of 4* heroes and then I’d focus on 5*.

As you don’t have a 4* healer, I’d finish Rigard first and then your next purple project could be Onyx. Regarding Mica, ignore him as he isn’t one of the best ninjas.

Rigard #1, you’ll use him even when you start to get your slow 5* drip, especially if you snag his costume.
I like Myst and Brynhild paired, both on flanks.
If you are uncomfortable with the thought of a non rainbow team is then go Grimm and Gormek…
Otherwise I’d go buddy…
EDIT- oh wow, I see the 2 ninjas there, definitely work on them lol.

Also note that this game can be very addictive and misleading. My first month I grabbed santa and 3 grimbles and thought I was the exception the RNG rule…many many dollars later I got a reality check. So keep a budget.

Rigard is a solid 4* hero that I have maxed three times and still use all three even with my bench of 5*. Get the costume and he is stellar. Costumed Tiburtus is also a great hero. Never underestimate the def down on all.

Caedmon, Sonya, and Melendor are always useful with their debuff skill. Wu Kong is a Titan staple for me since I don’t have Miki or Tarlak. Buddy makes a decent 4* tank, as does Boril (and with costume he counterattacks all).

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