What to summon in January?

Hey guys, I have saved 3000 gems or so.

Is there going to be special event summon in January? Like guardians or pirates or something?
Should I wait for it? Don’t really wanna do regular 10× summon, want more special heroes :slight_smile:

Pirates are trash. Save for season 2.


I would wait for the events. Pirates is likely to be next Thursday and Atlantis will follow a couple of weeks after. If the pattern holds, we’ll see Inari and Kageburado as 2 of the 4 featured heroes. The other two, who knows. Atlantus also offers the ascension item chest after 10 summons.


Wait for Atlantis and do 10x pull. At least you will get a AM chest together with it.

Yep, Atlantis is always good. And there might be some cool offers to do even 2x10 or even 30 pull.

I was wondering about pirates heroes, never saw them before. Are they that bad?

I already have Inari tbh, but if pirates suck, I’d gladly get Misandra or smth.

If the event was Guardians I’d have tried to pull G. Panther, but again - if pirates are bad, I’m not gonna bother.

I may have overdramatized it a little. Cabin Boy Peters is decent.

Uhhh yeah thats about it…just wait fkr s2. Chances are youll have more fun if you get good luck there.


Atlantis is the way to go. If you have left over gems next month, Grimm Forest will return and unlike Pirates, it has some killer heroes with Gretel, Hansel, and Red Hood.

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Only one worth it in pirates is Peters

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Wait for wobderland event … as I understand you are F2P … so just don’t waste you gems … wonderland will come hopefuly soon and all new heroes with all new skills will be great w8ndow to spend your F2P hard to collect gems.


@Jedon just posted this SG knows they should have given us a date

We are impatiently waiting with gems burning and can’t wait to spend them LOL!!!

Pirates aren’t that bad but there are other heroes that outshines them badly :man_shrugging:
Id keep them for another event of for Atlantis summons.

Peter’s is good. Lady Locke and Kestrel are pretty good. Sargasso is meh, and Boomer is just plain bad.

If you’re only going to do 1 10-pull, save it for Season 2


I might just hoard gems for Wonderland. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s unlikely to come in Q1, since it’s not in beta yet (H/T @Kerridoc). If you don’t mind holding your gems for 4-6 months or more, Wonderland might be very interesting.

Otherwise, there will be plenty of other events and challenges over the next few months. Guardians is a perennial favorite because of all the amazing color debuff love, for instance.

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If i had the self control to hold gens, i would never have tried 8 xmas pulls.

Gems burn a hole in my pocket.


Oh boy do I hear that. This was an expensive month. But all the shiny 5* call to me! And my wallet… :laughing:

Truly one of my favorite auto corrects. When it is a word you type often enough to replace for. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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