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So, I’ve recently had decent luck with my 2x TC20’s and a 10-pull I did. I am almost done getting Vivica to 3x70. Once, she’s there, I have a total of 11x 4* heroes that are ready to be leveled, but I’m not sure the best place to start. My entire bench is as follows, with where everyone is leveled to (Vivica is almost there):

My ascension mats are as follows:


Thanks in advance for any/all recommendations!

Wilbur, Proteus, and Kiril stand out from that pack of unleveled heroes. You’re light on healers for war, so Kiril fills that slot. Proteus is a great purple for raids (and maybe titans - haven’t tried that yet). Wilbur is great for everything.

Viv is the only one of those 5*'s that I’d bring past 3/70. December’s HOTM is reported to be a green version of Guardian Panther, and Mother North from the Christmas event looks pretty good as well. If you’re planning to do any pulls next month, I’d wait and see if you can pick one of them up.


My inclination was to start with Kiril due to my lack of diversity in Blue’s, and my lack of healers for wars like you said. I can only get so far with a couple Hawkmoons after Melendor!

Unless I come in to a vast abundance of shields, I’m not planning on taking any of my current greens higher than they already are. Once I have enough mats for Viv, I definitely plan on taking her to 4x80.

Ideally, I will have enough gems and such to at least do a 10-pull next month, so hopefully I can bulk up the green situation a bit.

Thanks for the insight. I will plan on starting with Kiril, then move to Wilbur and Proteus. I may just do both Kiril’s to start since I have the capes to ascend 2 of them.

Wilbur and Proteus are too good for you to spend the time on TWO Kirils before them. Offense (titans) is where you’ve still got the best drop chances for ascention mats. Wars are still not great for mats in comparison.

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I would suggest doing all 3 and feeding them based on color.

These 3 heros are game changers imo and help in multiple aspects of the game.

Wilbur has been amazing for me. I use his spirit link on both sides as you can hit enemies with riptose for example by hitting one without. On your side he can prolong things until you get your healer charged.

Proteus I haven’t maxed yet but from reading he is like a min Hel and very good.

Kiril and his buffs are great on titans and can help in raiding as well. Plus the obvious you can never have to many healers with wars around.

edit: If your doing color based you might as well take Li to 60. She works well in wars and can be a pain. She always seems to fire her special when my heros are charged…

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the posts Jalia and Rockstar. Both valid points.

My only concern is, I’ve never leveled multiple 4* heroes based on color before. I’ve always thrown everything, kitchen sink included, at them individually. I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes, but I might trade out and go back to just pounding them individually if I start to get impatient.

Yes, I was ecstatic when i got Li. She annoys me so much when I fight her, I was excited to get to annoy others!

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It does take more time to level by color but for growth it works so much better. At least from my view.

Given that you have a solid intial lineup, it’s really your call on the rainbow levelling (or at least 3 colors) vs. the kitchen sink levelling. Kitchen sink is faster from a real-world time perspective, rainbow is more resource efficient.

I’d be tempted to throw the kitchen sink at wilbur and then pick three colors to feed Kiril and 2 colors to feed Proteus.

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