What to expect in 2023?

It will be much easier to get to diamond, as the cup inflation will increase with diminishing player base :wink:

7th is in the beta already :wink:

Hasn’t this been going on for about four years now? (at least that’s what I’ve been reading in these here forums for that long)

Speaking of … I guess for 2023 I expect more of the same about that too.

I wish they just change the op hit all heroes to hit 3. This could make the game better. For example c Panther hit 3 it’s enough. Even hit 2 on fast speed it’s good.
So 2023 SG will listen to player and make E&P great again;)

I’d be shocked and amazed if the release of new heroes slowed down at all.

I ascpect to be No.1 Global buhahaha

Guess you missed the complaints about Lunar New Year only having two new heros.

-more players leaving

  • more op heros released
  • more stupid decissions for the greed
  • more stuff we have to pay for
  • did i say greed already ? Well ok i expect much more
  • game getting worse
  • game getting worse
  • game getting worse
  • game getting worse

Not at all. But there’ve been 10 new heroes released in Jan 2023 so far. Already eclipsing the highest January to date (2022 with 7 new heroes). And it’s expected to get another new one (Hippo) with this week’s Challenge and two more (Anzia and Zengar) from Contest of Elements which would bring the January total to 13… almost double the previous January high. Unfortunately, I see zero indication of new hero releases slowing down.

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That slow train left after Zynga secured 100% control of SGG and this game, post 3rd and final payout in late Jan 2022 / early Feb 2022 (exact date not confirmed)

January 2023
To date (up to ToL) 13-1-1

Adding on expected :

CF1 2-1-0
CoE (B) 2-0-0

Expected Total 17-2-1 => 20 (in line with the new trend)

Would have been 22 if Covenant portal was not shifted from 17 Jan to 7 February, and then to 9 February.

We are on Shinkansen now lol :joy:


I think SG/Zynga are aiming for faster-than-light-speed travel :joy:

More events and new summon portals. And masks