What to do with Troops that are no good to many now and wasting summons token



l have to many troops l don’t use that are taking up space
wishing there was a way to join them together to increase power to Ur fighters
example join 1 star troops to ascend them to a 2 star


I agree. There should be a way that excessive troops can be traded in or used to train up other troops.


They have already said they are working on something and will be rolling it out soon. :relaxed:


This is a great game I get the cups and truly do enjoy the coin summon system
What I think would be nice is allow the alliances some way of of truly being an alliance and to help new members by allowing them to earn lower level troops
You folks have been great keep up the good work


I only state this because I this happend before; I just want to clarify that you are actually talking about troops and not heroes. Maybe I am misunderstanding the problem, but you can use troops to train up your higher level troops and lower level extra heroes to train up your better/higher star heroes. That should solve the problem.


How can you have too many troops? With leveling up my barracks, I never have enough 1* - 3* troops to satisfy the leveling up limits of my 4* troops.


Look at the date lmao