What to do with too many heroes - end game

Nie da się od czasu do czasu nie przegrać :wink:

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Thank you all and S_Bunny.
Lot of good idea to test the limits.

Ps. I have mixed heroes from all seasons/missions and HOTM. My most enjoyable hero is Lord Loki, not because he is very strong etc but he is fun and give a new dimension to the strategy part of the game.

Happy gaming

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I’ve been playing longer than OP and I have 38 fully leveled 5*, which still feels like a lot.

There are a variety of game modes where having a lot of strong heroes helps, as others have mentioned. I just buy hero cap increases periodically, and cycle out 4* and 3* heroes that I don’t really use any more.

Ive seen people with 80+ maxed 5-Stars, so I know I am not near the top. However, I think I count as “end game”. I have the mats and heroes to max 10 more 5s if I wanted, but I just don’t feel the urgency I use to.

What do I do?

  1. I like collecting 4-Stars for fun as they are easy enough to pull and are not as much of a waste of space as 3s (unless your Boomer, Gobbler or Agwee).

  2. A large bench gives me a lot of room to not give a s*** about the curses in the ninja tower. Its my least favorite thing in the game anyway.

  3. I can sit on heroes and mats till I get that hero I always wanted, or I get an abundance of mats and max one that just looks like fun.

  4. Focus on Emblems. Do everything in the game to get every single one you can. They will make more of a difference than another hero.

  5. Sit back and relax knowing I have enough to be competitive in all areas of the game. I may not be at the top spot, but high enough to get top rewards. No need to spend big money chasing the newest hot hero that will be “mehh” before you know it.


I have over 50 5* heroes maxed. At this point I just focus on troops & alkashards. I disciplined myself to level all the heroes I have and stop summoning. Summon after everyone on your roster is maxed. The mats will come. Especially when you start trading alkashards.

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