What to do with too many heroes - end game

Hi all
I like the game and have been there since summer 2018. Today, with too many good heroes. It is impossible to use and enjoy from all. Basically more than 50 “right” kind of heroes base on personal taste, fully leveled etc.

Some of my thoughts and reflections, happy to see SG and your reflections;

What is SGs vision in this topic?
Beside power creep, I don’t see any reason to draw more/new heroes. What about you?
What is your vision? Any idea what to do with too many heroes?
New mission doesn’t change my situation. I have several strong team and manage those missions that I play.
Could new mechanics and special missions where you can/should use more than 5 heroes be a way out?

I like the game and play ca 30-60 min/day but I am asking myself, what is next…

Happy gaming


Post pictures of your heroes!
50 is not much-tbh!
Pretty sure there are folks with with a lot more leveled 5*s.

50 maxed heroes? I have 50ish maxed 4* heroes alone.

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Mystic titan and ninja tower (not using battle items) is a good event for players who has too many fully levelled heroes.


I mentioned the 5* star Heroes. I have a few teams of 4* and 3* also but it doesn’t change the big picture.

I know there are people with even more than what I have.

Maybe I am just stuck and without imagination :slight_smile:

Happy gaming

What do you do with all those heroes?

Well i guess depends on your heroes.

S1 and s2 are pretty much obsolete, if i had so many heroes i wouldn’t use them anymore.
Wars have different rules so it’s better to prepare different teams. E.g. rush wars are perfect to use those overlooked slow guys.
Another option is not to pull anymore from tc20 and portal summons…
Maybe try experimenting, go rainbow, make yourself a minion team, survivalist team, sniper team… See what works for you.
Sooner or later majority of us have heroes that we do not use and this is how it is.

Honestly if you have enough fives and feel no need to get those new shiny toys, i salute you. I get summon-happy when i see new heroes in portals. Rip my wallet

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Use them. Experiment with them. Play with them. Have fun with them. They see light during Tavern, Ninja and raid tourney events.


Solution to your problem lies in my idea - CARAVAN raids, where all the bench heroes are now usefull and not only that… some less desirable heroes can prove to have alot better grade as caravan guard or ambusher, unlike being usefull for raid defense, titans or tournaments :slight_smile:

Just help idea get more recognition!

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my Kageburado begs to differ.

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I find I never use 1/3 of my maxed heroes but they’re there as part of the collection. Besides, I’m a bit of a hoarder.


Majority of them are though. You pulling for Inari? Poseidon? I thought so.

Agree on collecting them and hoarding. It would be great to have a copy of each hero, though impossible for many to have them all.

I’ve seen this sort of opinion all over the forum, but I simply must disagree. I have 3 accts, of which I spend on 1 and CTP on the other two (mainly VIP alone) so I have a large variety to play with. The S1 heroes (especially with the new upgrade balance of a few days ago) hold their own JUST fine in raids, wars, etc. No, they aren’t as flashy or have as many effects as the newer heroes but are FAR from useless or obsolete. I’m sure SG loves that so many feel that way as it keeps the portals very busy, but it’s simply not true.


lol I’m not pulling for any heroes.
I’ve got a maxed Poseidon no emblems and I raid and war with him all the time.
Completely maxed Kageburado who is one of my most heavily used heroes in a ton of formats.
Ursena, Mitsuko, Kageburado, Poseidon, Tarlak, and Ariel are all worthy of pulling for and have a solid place even in today’s meta.
So that’s 6 out of 10 legendary heroes. over 50%. That’s not obsolete.


Yeah baffled by “S2 is obsolete”

Tarlak - still a Titan boss. Would you prefer to have him or not? I think I’d rather have him being honest.

Mitsuko - Makes nearly all Blue offensive hero’s melt on contact and has a great bit of mana control too. I use her in my red-stack every time. Fantastic hero.

Kageburado - V.Fast and hard hitting. No issues here I can think of, sits with my Clarissa for 2 quick hits in my purple stack. First hit hurts, second can be mega useful to debuff a riposte or defence up.

Ariel - Still one of the best healers in the game right now. Nothing to add, she’s amazing.

Ursula - not the powerhouse she was admittedly but still a great hit all hero and one of the best in purple for that. My Quintus was forever jealous when she arrived

Just like the events, S3 and S4 not every 5* is OP busted but I see people getting play from Atomos, Mok-Arr & Poseidon. Still all useful and useable.

But feel free to offer me a detailed rebuttal if you think I’m wrong


Lol excuse you for having a different opinion, not to mention yall went full offtopic

I’d advise OP to try different teams and participate in events such as ninja tower. Or bench older heroes, unemblem and retire.

Well, I guess it indeed really depends on your heroes… and this:

Yep, the amount of money spent just to summon shiny new heroes. Understandably, on your perspective, S1 and S2 heroes are indeed obsolete since you have far better prized heroes in your roster. S1 and S2 heroes cannot possibly compete with the current prized ones you often see on defense, with all their far better overall stats and unique abilities, by players like you who are deemed P2P. And you can’t blame whales and big spenders to have that kind of perspective. They have new toys to play with.

Regrettably, F2P, VC2P and even C2P don’t have that much luxury. For most of us, we still enjoy using the so-called obsolete heroes in Lianna, Sartana, Magni, Marjana, Joon, Kageburado, Poseidon, Tarlak, Ursena, Mitsuko and Ariel. They may have subpar overall stats and skills compared to your prized new toys, but for us, they can still be utilized. Heck, our classic epic healers and the ever-reliable Wilbur are overworked.

But good for you having the money to spend at the portals. I wish you and your wallet more wealth in the future.

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Ah the classic division us vs them :joy:

I don’t have many 5*, majority of them are s1. But i don’t level them, I’m waiting for something better as i am a fairly new player. I use Lianna, Sartana, Vivica, Marjana. From S2 i have only mokarr. I don’t chase S2 anymore as i had very bad luck in this portal, and I’d rather invest in S3. I can only dream about having old hotms like gravemaker as they are completely out of my reach. Do you want to hear my life story too to get off my back ? :blush:

I assume OP got plenty of hotms and event heroes if they mentioned having so many legendaries and playing since 2018. (Unless they levelled 50x s1 which is rather not possible) that’s why I suggested them to bench majority of s1 and S2 as he probably got better heroes.

But please do keep answering me instead of OP, that’s the point of this topic, fighting opinions of others. /s

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What I did to regain some freshness in the game having about same amount of maxed legendary heroes as you (and about half of them with 15+ levels on emblems also).

Raid without color stacks. Rainbow teams only.

I was surprised to learn following:

  • winrate does not drop dramatically (I’d say it’s even slightly higher for me now)
  • strategy at picking heroes matters MUCH more than just when you are taking your yolo antitank monos
  • tile damage is lower, but every move charges someone… this way you can handle a lot of specials being thrown at you, if you are prepared
  • matches are longer, less prone to RNG, more fun
  • many heroes see their use who otherwise were benched forever

Give it a shot, really.


Dobre składy :+1:t3: przegrywasz kiedykolwiek teamami 4700?

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