What to do with Rana? Looking for advice on emblems and team comp

So I finally got myself a maxed yellow 5* hero, but am now unsure what to do with her. I currently run a defense team of Zim-Athena-Mitsuko-Evelyn-Kage and the sensible move seems to be to switch to a rainbow team. I’m not sure whether to run Rana down the defensive emblem path and stick her in the middle, or the attack path and run one of my two red options at tank. My current team reliably keeps me in diamond already, so maybe I’m over thinking all of this and I shouldn’t stress the defense team. In that case I guess just pump the attack emblems.

Only other consideration that comes to mind is that I’m one Tabard away from ascending Ursena, and Kage-Rana-Ursena seems like a pretty unpleasant front line to deal with.

Any thoughts?

I would pump attack. Winning on defense doesn’t get you much - but winning on offense will win you food/iron – and hopefully take down a a good opponent in war. The only heroes that make sense to me to go down the defense emblem route and either pure tanks (Guin) or Healers (BT/Kiril/kunchen/ectt) where you want them to live as long as possible – and they don’t do much damage.

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Athena Rana Ursl Zim Kage

Maybe give it a try…

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