What to do with iron

I have maxed out pretty much everything, iron is now useless. Is there anyway for the developers to let us use iron in replace of food, or let us use iron to purchase food. Training recruits takes food, leveling hero’s takes food. Once you’ve upgraded all your building and storage iron is useless.


Craft Tornadoes if you have all the ingredients. That’ll really eat your iron supply quickly


Forging of battle items can still use an abundance of iron.

Thank you for the advise… will do more crafting but low on ingrident.

same issue here, iron is always maxed, never have enough ingredients for expensive battle items. wish they had a decent use for iron. i always need food though. can’t get enough of it :slight_smile:

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Turtle banners, dragon banners, bear banners, tornados, timestops.


Change one of your mines into a barracks. That’s what I did.