What to do with extra 5-stars?

Well since trading is out of the question, what am I supposed to do with all the extra 5-star heroes that I have. So I’m proposing some kind of recycling system. Have a feature where I can give up 3 5-star heroes for another 5-star hero. What I am thinking is that when you commit to the feature you automatically loose the 3 heroes you put up, but you get to pick a hero from 3 other random 5-star heroes. The heroes would not be the same as the heroes you put up and you only get to pick one.

Kinda hoping that the long rumored hero academy fills that void. I’d he happy with that trade


Hold onto them. Theories abound that Hero Academy may present a very similar feature.


Yeah I’ve been hanging on to them for a long time. I have 30 duplicate 5-star heroes that are just eating up space.

How much space do you have for your roster? It may be worth it to expand that space from the Shop resources.


I have 195 hero slots. I could always expand, but I want another option over continuous expansion.

Edit: I’m a collector. I try to have one of each, lol.


You could maybe feed off more Season 1 5* dupes that you have more than one duplicate for. I would seriously hold onto anything that is non-Season 1.

EDIT: I have 209 spaces and am considering buying more, and I have no where near as many 5*s. Of all the things to spend gems on in this game, added roster space is probably the most valuable, and you know what you’re paying for.


Me too, my roster expansion has gotten expensive

For reference the hero academy discussion thread:


Mine is starting to get up there.

I’m actually wondering if there is a finite limit to Hero Cap purchases in the Shop. Seems like it could go on for a while.

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Also, costumes may make some of your duplicates highly sought after.


Why? Just toggle the costume. If you have a hero that is already maxed on the talent grid all you need to do is toggle, feed him costumes to level up fast and when they are fully ascended they will have a maxed out talent grid again. It doesn’t make sense to level up a second hero twice and then spend all of the class tokens to max them out.

I leveled two Sonya’s bc I run them on the same team at times… dispel and debuff. :woman_shrugging:

I’d imagine the same could hold true for viv and Brienne. (Maybe others, but that’s all that comes to mind atm)

Oh… and if the hero is currently in your raidT defense, you can’t toggle.

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Agreed. I have two rigardC maxed… debating on a third. Actually reset kunch’s Emblems for rig… kunch is benched atm.

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Maybe you want to use two or more of them in Wars.

I’m considering my 2nd Grazul as we speak. Simply because I find her very useful and I have a few extra :wink:

I’ve leveled 2 Melendor, 2 Kiril’s, working on my 2nd Rigard who will I named Dapperman!! Eventually I’ll likely level one of my 12 BT’s minimally. I find healers to be of the most use for AW on occasion. Mostly during arrow barrage but it’s still nice to have a costumed and Uncostumed hero. Since if you are using a costumed hero in a tournament and would like to use the normal hero in war or an event…guess what? No Bueno!! Your stuck with your costumed version until the tournament is over, at least that’s the issue I’ve found myself faced with

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