What to do with excess 3* Heroes

I’ve been playing for a few months already (p2p) and collected more heroes than I really use… My Titans, world and war teams are a mixed of 4* and 5*, all between ascension 3 and 4 pretty close to Max… I have a few 4* and 5* 1/1 waiting to start levelling up, so in order to level up any 3* mainly for the events will take forever, since probably on the road I will get more powerful 4* and 5* for sure (hope so)… So, what should I do with all those 3* repeated that I have? Pick a few to keep in my roster and feed them to my 4* and 5*? Choose some good 3*, feed the repeated to he same so I can increase the chance of special feature and keep for future use if needed ? Thanks in advance!

Keep 2-3 3* in every colour and eat others

Send them into the colosseum to make them gain glory or to let them die with honor :crossed_swords:

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I have 5 or more of every color maxed, and i still max others in case the new raid event have a mechanism similar to war (only one use per hero) and the chance of capping hero to 3*

Maybe is useless, but you never know.

I have an idea.https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/new-buildings-change-in-new-kinds-of-farming/69262/3

I have one of each maxed because of the events, and feed the repeated ones…

Keep 4 copies of each card till your 7/8 special skill then feed the copies to the main card to make sure it will get the 8/8.
This for the 3☆ heroes ofc .
The 4/5☆ heroes will regulary get 8/8 around 3rd tire ascend.
Also keep the fast mana snipers of the 3☆ and a healer of each color.
There is a good thread to take a look on:


Do not eat leveled 3* and save the best from each element, use copies of them to level special skill and use less valuable 3* heroes for feeding 4* and 5*