What to do with "dead" Alliance members?

So my Alliance, Passion and Fury, has a full roster of 30 members.
But if you look at the logins, it’s another story.
Only 4 of the 30 are active players. 26 are dead weight.
Most of them have t even logged in to the game in over six months. Starter heroes, no trophies.
They DL’d the game, logged in long enough to try it out, joined an alliance, then left.
One hasn’t been in on over 500 days. He’s never coming back.
One of the sleepers in my Alliance is the Alliance Leader.
There should be a rule - management - something, if you haven’t logged in to the game at all in six months, you are removed from your Alliance.
This should/would be the responsibility of the Alliance Leader - unless he too is one of the sleepers!
What to do?
Hugs, Xorana

Either kick them out (if you are able) or move to an active alliance…

Yeah I know. I should move on.
But dangit, Passion and Fury is my Alliance. I created it two years ago. Devs, check the records if that’s something that you can do. See who created the Alliance, and when.
Every game I play, my character is called Xorana, and if I create a Guild/Alliance, it’s called Passion and Fury. It’s a tradition.
If the Devs would give me leadership status, I’d clean house, believe me. Can they do that? I dunno.

Time to switch to another alliance. Fluffy Bunny Fun Club just happens to have 4 openings. Levels 20-58. Low key alliance. But we all play.

Just join a more active alliance already…

We don’t need daily threads about how it’s someone else’s responsibility to improve your alliance…

Sure they can! Will they do it? No! They won’t. Leave that alliance, without a leader it’s doomed. Start a new one with the same name. Well, not exactly the same name, but something like ~Passion and Fury~. Good luck!

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There are multiple threads on inactive alliance leaders and dead alliances. Below is a link to one that is in the ideas category.

Since this is a duplicate, I will close this thread.


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