What to do with Colen and some plat arena advice

I just pulled Colen from an Epic Hero token. Should I just keep him for 4 star and higher very fast specials tourneys? Cause I personally already have a 4 star fire hero that is in my main line up, and that is Sumitomo. Any advice?

Also does anyone have any quick tips and pointers for early plat arena and how to not lose too much to be able to stay in?

Speaking as a mid level/4* player… Colen can be a beast. He is dangerous on defense and I am sure to get him before he fires, or have Rigard at the ready to dispel his DoT… which does considerable damage to everyone over the next few turns…

Definitely keep him. Heroes of the same color are great assets in certain situations via color stacking.



Keep all 4s until you have 30+ heroes for war (assuming you war), and even then keep them :slight_smile:
Having more choice in heroes is always good. You can debate the priority order for final ascension on heroes but getting a 4 to 3-60 is relatively cheap and effective as you are growing your bench and will help you in different aspects of the game, including raiding.

As far as keeping in platinum it depends what you have but I wouldn’t be so worried about holding cups offline, as long as you can climb back in while filling your chest.


Definitely a keeper. Good for raid and war defense especially at full ascension. May compete in special events or missions where he can be used but your other Fire heroes cannot.


Also remember you need 5 heros for trials events and these are very restrictive and very hard at the last level so you probably need more than 30 in total. Well must be some good reason I have 98.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I do alliance wars on both profiles. And I do thankfully have more than 30 heroes on my main. Working up to that number on my alt at the moment. Rng is just handing me 4 stars on my alt like candy. On my last two pulls I did for my alt this past Atlantis, I pulled Agwe and Sabina. Which is good because I was lacking a good ice hero to last me until I get Grimm.

My main profile already has a lot of heroes I am working on to get maxed. Proteus is at 4-69 right now, Cyprian is at 2-15. After that I am gonna work on Chochin and Ameonna. My dark bench is pretty darn big. As soon as I get Cyprian to 4-70 he is gonna replace Proteus on my defensive team. I do plan on getting Colen to 3-60 at least because I am in a bit of a compass situation and have to prioritize. I still have to get my holy heroes that I am gonna take with me to the Dark Lord maxed out. Got a lot of projects in the works and just going at it slowly right now.

For those that wanted to see my current roster* on my main profile here it is:

*NOTE: This was before I got Colen and I believe this is a couple days old at most.


I just finished maxing Colen yesterday, and his attack stat is pretty massive. If nothing else, he can be a great asset to your red stack for Titans. But with your lineup, you could definitely use him on a war team. He’s currently my third best red.

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I have Colen maxed and emblemed to +17 - he is the far right of my Raid Defense that keeps me at 2400+ at all times, and I woke up this morning to +35 cups which put me at 2575. So… he’s a good hero. :slight_smile: (My defense is Lianna-Frida-Kunchen-LiXiu-Colen… so he has backup, heh heh.)

By contrast, I recently pulled Sumitomo, and he’s sitting at 1-1, and I don’t think I’m going to level him. His attack is weak, his counter only affects himself, he seems weaker than every other Red 4* that I have.

So my opinion is: Colen is definitely worth keeping, and he can (and should) replace Sumitomo on a defensive lineup.

Good gaming!


Keep him, wait for Wu and then put them together in offense. A deadly duo.


Since Colen is your only other red 4*, then I would keep him. High damage output and his burn bypasses defense stats.

He’s just slow and frail though, so he gets put down on the priority list for a lot of players that get him late. At that point they’ll have other 4* red heroes that are more of a priority. Compared to all other 4* red heroes, I would level the following before him, in this order:

Wilbur, Boldtusk, Gormek (if no Wilbur), G. Falcon, Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Kelile

Ironically, the only red 4* heroes that are lower priority than Colen for me, are Gormek (if you have Wilbur) and Sumitomo.


@DaveCozy I really wish I had Wilbur and G. Falcon. My main account is not very lucky for the seasonal events. The only characters I have gotten outside the vanilla set is the Atlantis set.

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I love Sumitomo, but he’s a novelty hero with a potential family bonus (that’s not the best family bonus).

Colen is cruelty. A death dealer. Once you’re in diamond he loses an edge but as dumpster fire truck hitters go, he’ll always be good for tile damage in a stack and AW cleanup.

@holmanski The more time goes on, the more I think how useful he will be against green titans.

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Colen is a beast on 4* challenges and speed tournaments.

Plays well with Wilbur / Gormek / Falcon / BT.

Position is right wing if your middle-3 is on the tough side.

@AirHawk I tend to put slow mana characters in the very back of my formation anyway. Thank you for the suggestion, I really appreciate that. Also, now that I think about it, I can better stack my fire characters against nature bosses and not just titans.

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