What to do, where to go

I’m low diamond level player with nice solid 4* rooster plus some 5* heroes. I’m in a need of some advice, because it seems to me I’m not able to choose what to do.

I have two fully leveled 5* heroes, Onatel and Misandra. Toth-Amun and Anzgoh are currently 3/70, I have matts to level them too. I also have tonics for Margaret. I don’t have matts to Ranvir take him all the way up but his ability is useful also level 3/70 and those arrows will came some day.

There is also bunch of 4s 3/60 heroes and some 4s I intend to level (I have nearly every other vanilla 4* and some event 4*s already maxed).

So here is the tricky part. I only have 2 compasses, it’s been long dry season for compasses. That’s why I have impressive bench of 3/60 heroes.

  1. Should I start working with 5* heroes, and take Thot or/and Anzgoh to last level and give compasses to Ranvir and Margaret when they are ready. Thot and Anzgoh are medium 5* heroes and I have been waiting for ages to get “something better”, like snipers.

  2. Or should I still keep those two waiting, and give compasses to 4* 3/60 heroes hoping that when Ranvir and Margaret need compasses my dry season has ended.

  3. Or should I keep compasses for Ranvir and Margaret and star working with new ones and take those too to level 3/60.


All I know is that you should give the trap tools to Rigard

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I see the top of Wu Kong’s haircut there in your roster. Is the monkey leveled up? If so, you don’t really need Ranvir. 4/70 Wu Kong should serve you just as well as 3/70 Ranvir, so give the darts to Onatel, when you have them, if someone like Guin or Delilah don’t come along by then.

I’m not so sure about that… there is a Proteus in there and unless he’s tier 4 he’s the one to give the trap tools to… Rigard is great, Proteus is GOD-LIKE… Beside, Proteus along with Onatel and Hansel… the enemies will never charge their specials…

I have Proteus, Onatel and Hansel maxed and together with Misandra and Sabina they make my primary offence team. All are with emblems too. It’s well balanced bunch of mana stealers/blockers, Misandra adds firepower and gives a bit more mana to others and Sabina heals and debuffs.

Wu Kong is maxed too. I have two Onatels, one that is fully leveled and her younger sister who I put hold when Wo Kong arrived and now it seems to me she needs to wait for Ranvir too.

Now I just need to decide what to do next.

This is my full roster. I have lot of good 4*s and I really enjoy playing with them.

I have a soft spot for the big ork with a sword, so, were I you, my next compass would go to Boldtusk. He is a 5* in disguise… a good one.

That is one thing I have been debating with myself. Boldtusk or Anzogh? BT was my consolation prize for not getting any wonderland heroes two days ago. Before him it was clear to me to start with Anzogh when Scarlett is ready but now I think it might be better to go with Boldtusk.

Can’t speack for Anzog, some obscure HOTM as far as I’m concerned. I don’t take special measures against him on raids. Heals a bit and hits a bit if I recall corectly and average of speed I presume. But I definitely can speak for BT. His attack boost won me so many raid I can’t count and the healing bonus also helps. I can’t imagine a red stack without BT. 48% attack boost for all allies for four turns is a lot. Along with his favorite fisherman friend, Wilbur, who has the (bad) habit of dropping the enemy defense, every red tile is turned into a warhead.

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Thank you @Ian487 for your words. I think my dilemma is solved.

Boldtusk gets second compass and other one waits for Margaret. I’ll also level Toth-Amun. When BT is ready to take his position, he replaces Sabina as a healer and goes to right wing. Toth jumps in as a tank, Onatel goes flank, Misandra stays in left wing. That leaves one green position, so there is place for Margaret between Toth and BT. That’s for defence at least.

For offence I don’t think I’m willing to give up mana control, Hansel and Proteus are more valuable for me in offence than Toth and Margaret.

I’ll also continue working with Kiril and Ranvir, those compasses will came some day.