What to do when you get booted and your hard work is boosted

I got booted and was the host for the team chat, I gathered a lot of info player guides and charts and such and lost it all to my former alliance leader who blocked me from my chat and info in album’s and notes, I wanted to leave and give my friends a chance to to copy my hard work but to loose it all hurts a lot

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What do you do? You join a better alliance.


I always keep independent notes, but there is not much that I can’t either find again at the source or recall from memory. Enjoy your new alliance. If you are looking for a good one to go to look at Heathens Agoge or Heathens of Sparta depending on the strength of your team. I think you’ll be pleased and I think you’ll find a wealth of information that you didn’t have before.


Alas, you can’t go back to retrieve your materials.

I keep duplicates. I think, after this, you will too. :thinking:

Good luck in your new alliance!


That sucks! We would love to have someone like you in Sovereign Speakeasy. We use Line to distribute information like that and are very actively chatting. I’m holding down our 30th spot with my second account, but I would love to hand that over to someone more powerful and involved. Let me know if you’re interested.

im confused… how can you put player guides into the game’s chat? everything in chat just vanishes and you can’t do any sort of attachments. we use facebook for our docs and strategy discussions.

You can’t do it in game chat, a lot of alliances use Line for a team chat where you can post pictures and player guides, the Line chat has album’s and notes folders to keep things handy, posting picks of your stable of hero’s enables others to help you choose
who to build and team composition

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Most groups use Line Chat or Discord outside of the game for communication. There are notes sections in both utilities and that is where you store information. When a person leaves the alliance, they are also removed from access to the Line chat and/or Discord.

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@Rook. The old Screen shotvof the simpler files and saving to google home or docs was a life- saver when i found my previous alliance leader had prevented me from obtaining the notes that info that i personally had found via wiki, here in forum or even just through conversations with much more seasoned players. So great advice about backing up that vital information

Wow, stories of such drama. I would have left alliances like those on my own I suspect. Glad my Global Guardians isn’t like that. Of course, we don’t use Line or Facebook yet either, maybe that separation is healthier than I thought :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

All of my stuff (not copied from others) I’m in my Notes app.

It is rare to be robbed, but it sucks so much less when you have a backup.


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True. Thanks Witch!

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Thank you @Rook You are very much appreciated. :blush:

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I have some backed up, I intended to leave and posted that the chat would go away giving my team a chance to copy the info, but the leader went on a drunken rant, I can find recreate the files it’s just very hurtful to be treated so badly and called derogatory names in the game chat, I’ll get over it but not forget