What to do when done building

I’m coming to the end of building my base. Only things left is topping off 1 TC and taking AL from level 2 to 10.

What do you do when there’s nothing to do?

Be grateful to finally be able to use all that iron to build more battle items for events, emblem up heroes and train troops in HA.

  • Level your troops
  • Level your heroes
  • Kill the dragon
  • Count your villagers
  • Divert the water flow
  • Write hymns to The Twins (go on, find them, I’ll wait)
  • Complete ALL Missions
  • Reorganize your town by roof color
  • Take pictures of your stronghold from different angles and try to sell your castle on the open market

(Yes, I have waaay too much time on my hands) :grin:


I am making piles and piles of weapons for challenge events, Titans, etc.


AL is big, you’re missing a lot emblems by not using it.


My builder is free in 2d10h

I will never have that problem :joy::joy:
As a F2P I need yet 5 weeks to investigate level 10 of ha
Then AL from 2 to 10
Then some farms , iron mines, barracks from 9 to 10…
Too many things. I suppose the will add more time consuming buildings before I finish…


Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: stupid 20 character min

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Hero Academy < Alchemy Lab

It depends on your goal.
I need 5* hotm and ha will increase a lot my chances of getting hotm.
Second goal for me, AL for the emblems.
I need more 5* heroes different for season 1.

The chances are so low, I don’t see it as a real profitable source for improving ones roster. On average you get a about two non S1 heroes per year. If you’re lucky very soon, if you’re unlucky it can take you more than a year. AL is a decent source for emblems, which are always useful. The overall return on investment at AL is just better. That’s how I see it…

How many emblems a year can you get without spending money?
I haven’t done the maths… Maybe I am wrong.
But I already have quite a lot of emblems, my main 5* teams are with level 18 (level 20 is not worth for me yet) and have some 3* and 4* at level 20 for tournaments…

Now that emblems source are going to be doubled, maybe balance HA is better :grinning:

5*s run through them pretty fast!

Currently my building are not yet finish:
TC: 2xTC11, 1xTC19.
Hunterlodge: lvl 4
3xForge: lvl 5
2x House: lvl 16
Alchemy Lab: lvl 6
*) Not sure if I will max all building, except AL.

When building done, this is my plan:

  1. Keep foods in TC20 (as high as possible)
  2. Keep irons in HA6 (as high as possible)
  3. Re-arrange emblem heroes, and leveling troops.

Don’t worry, Stronghold 26 coming soon to a store near you! Will only take 6 months to upgrade to SH26!


In 10 days my last level / building will be done. I have no hero to work on yet so my TCs store over 1000 heroes for the moment when I’ll get something interesting.

So far I’m using TC20 to store the food (391 trainings left), TC11 to store the recruits (72k recruits stored) and since the last week, I’m using HA4 to store the iron (200+ trainings on queue).

I was planning on using HA6 to recruit troops but the 3* mats are limited and way harder to get than what’s needed for HA4.

When it comes to items, I have plenty of items as I only use 3* / 4* on some Trials / Events / Rare Titans but I’m planning on making as many items as possible. My favorite items are Tornados (can only craft 90 more) and Super Mana Potion (200+ yet to craft).

Honestly, having built my entire village won’t make the game less fun. In fact I’m very happy that after 2 years of heavy playing I’m finally done with the buildings. :tada::tada:

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Im on last level of HA. And im done. Will bank iron in HA6 and food in AL 9a. Focus on emblems, troops and finally can do lots of battle items for events

They will probably be releasing more stronghold updates with more advanced buildings in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be stashing iron in the HA lvl 6. The 3* troops will also help with troop development.
Also, as noted you’ll have more iron for crafting items. Maybe try stocking up on some that are commonly used in pushes for placing in challenge events?

AL will give around 600 emblems a year for no gem cost but does depend on what recipes you run or if you get a 4* ascension mat which “should” be about 1 in 10.

So if the AL runs to the odds you are more likely to get around 6 4* mats and around 540 emblems.

But mileage may vary…

I tried the same thing but realized that I didn’t have enough materials for a long run. This is why I moved to HA4 where I can store 10 time more iron.

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