What to do when Alliance collapses

We had a great Alliance, doing well, attacking 12* Titans, but then for a couple weeks real life stuff happened with a few members and didn’t have game time to attack Titans . Since members were upset and 4 left soon after then more and more, down to 15 now recruiting for couple weeks, obviously dropped a few Titan levels with absolutely no new members,

What do you do!?


Oh no… That’s terrible. :cry:.

Do you use an outside app like Line or Discord? Maybe they’ll come back? With a strong leadership team you can rebuild, or look for a merger if you’re wanting to get back to a full squad quickly?

But I’d reconnect with the members you still have and ensure you’re all going to be rowing in the same direction to stabilise the crew. Then start recruiting if you need to - the forum is great for finding active daily players.


Edit - just read your forum ad, thinking you might need more information, or an enticing catch phrase that will draw potential recruits. There’s nothing in your post that differentiates your alliance from any other :thinking:


Recruiting is hard. It’s one of my least favorite things to do. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to in a while.

It really does take effort to find people to want to join your group. There are various tools for that.

If a merger is open, you can also post “large group looking for a home.” It could be easier to find people wanting to take you in then wanting to join a different group. Same outcome, different direction.


Keep trying to recruit or jump ship and find another alliance, one with various spots open if you want to take current members with you.

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I’ve been recruiting, nothing, Nada

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Your forum ad needs to have a regular message to bump it to the top of the alliance recruitment section - every alliance is looking for daily active players. Very few people will browse posts created 7 days ago when there are ads updated daily.

There are some Line recruitment groups as well. Tagging our super helpful @Rook who has helped many others get signed up.


We are in a similar situation. Maybe you’d like to merge with the GREATEST DRUNKS.



Try to find a merge partner if you want to stay together with the old members. Try to find out how strong your members are and then apply to a family of alliances. You’ll most likely be scattered among the different alliances of the same family.

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I know how it feels to be in a GREAT alliance that’s stuck around 15 members. If you’re interested in a merger, look up Donut Stuffers. They are helpful, active, and understanding of real life.

Comment on that thread to talk to the leaders if you’re interested.

Adult alliance. Use all war flags and follow basic strat or opt out. We kill 9* titans right now.

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Sometimes I think this game is a lure for nutcases.

I’ve seen so much drama for nothing and so many touchy and immature people that not even in a kindergarten.

It’s hard to build an alliance made of good folks. Too many people simply ragequit instead of trying to sort things out


Hi @Hawkeye, how may I help you? :wink:

Not sure how to @Rook, had a full Alliance for over 2 years with a couple here and there dropping and new ones adding but a couple weeks ago 6 left at once including the leader, promoted me but now down to 15 strong members for a couple weeks and no new, not even ones who drop in and pretty much leave right away and not sure what to do now. I’m guessing because they see only 15 members

You have several choices:

A) you can recruit for new members, using a variety of methods (forum, game chat, line AR)

B) you can offer your group to merge with another group

C) you can continue as you are, obtaining new members at a slower rate. Who says you have to be full to have fun? Note: size of Titan does matter, if you are undersized.


I’ve posted, chats etc to no avail, just flustered

We are just trudging along as is, as each member is pretty strong in Heroes majority of them being here for the 2 yrs also

Thanks for the feedback

Would you be interested in a merger, we are a fun supportive bunch with no drama. My line is coma185 if you want to talk and see if it would be a good fit.

I’ve seriously had the same thing happen. Just start the process all over again. This happens in games. People come and people go.

Google Translation:

Mergers, however, are risky.
Look for people who have the same game goals. And maybe you visit for a few days. Talk about it beforehand or risk the alliance falling apart further.

Note: English preferred in the forums.

Mergers can be risky if the two alliances do not have the same goals. The new merged alliance needs to agree on the alliance goals and rules before the merger.

For @Hawkeye I feel for you. Two years is a lifetime in this game, sometimes literally. I’ve been in my alliance for 1-1/2 myself, and have seen some long-time members come and go – some with no warning, they just dropped out of the game one day. I think especially for f2p and c2p you reach a crossroads at 2 years or so of playing where you find it harder to motivate yourself to play. The players who quit may have been at that point themselves – this was just the tipping point.

You do need more pizzazz in your recruitment thread. Currently it doesn’t stand out. It also won’t be read unless someone actually searches for it as it’s not being updated.

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I would just rebuild


Having 15 strong member is much better than 30 inconsistent members, I will suggest building up slowly with what you have already.; once you are mostly active you will find the increase you want soon enough.


Insisti… Fai da collante per i tuoi giocatori. Coinvolgili a cercare nuovi alleati… Vedrai che crescerete…

Mod translation via Google

Insist … Bond your players. Involve them in seeking new allies … You will see that you will grow …

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