What to do now while waiting?

I have been playing E&P for over 2 years now and a solid roster with almost 30 maxed 5* heroes and about the same amount of 4* heroes. I stopped tc20 because the dupes i get are not worth leveling (for example 3x Magni on 3/70 and 2 maxed Magnis) and concentrate on leveling the heroes i already have. But now i have reached the point, where i dont have any heroes to level. HA 10 and summoning portal are not giving me any heroes yet, so what is still to do in the meantime?

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Imo, dupes are worth having on hand. You never know when a dupe will be needed Like Mythic Titans. Heroes get weaker over time. By using dupes, you’ll still maintain high scores. Dupes are also useful on Ninja Tower. Honestly, you never know when you’ll need a dupe

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Do you have any 3* or 4* heroes to work on? I have more maxed of each of those, than I do maxed 5*. During periods when I had no 5* to work on (not very often), that’s what I did.

You can also simply build up feeder heroes in your training camps, then when you do finally land a new hero you can level them really quick. Or both - build up feeders in your TCs, and use feeders you get from farming or lower HA levels to work on lower priority 3/4*.

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I travelled around the world and cleaned some houses, sorry for the late reply :slightly_smiling_face:
My Roster is almost full and there are already a lot maxed 4* i dont use anymore, so thats why i stopped leveling 4* and 3* ( about 50 heroes). Im thinking about leveling more the 5* hitter, they are the most useful heroes among the S1 heroes, but im a little stingy with the AM. But thanks for your input.

Troops, improve your troops it’s a neverending story.


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