What to do if you're fed up with ridiculous draws

Stocked is a relative term in this game. These mats will go down fast. I don’t have enough tabards to ascend my purples, darts/scopes are almost all already reserved and I have enough greens to use the tonics, but I’m not sure they’re worth ascending. I’m only ridiculously drowning in rings and tomes.

:man_facepalming: Pretty sure you weren’t flagged because people disagreed with you, but because you called them “a bunch of suckers.” Just a wild guess.


That’s the case, I’m sure “suckers” could be one of those words. I posted once, flagged immediately and I changed my tone.

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I easily cracked top 20 (8th) with a team of C Mel, C Sabina, Proteus, Tree and Gulli (substituting C Gormek as and when required). That is a team (or similar/equivalent) that a FTP roster can easily put up in 2+ years of playing. So… BS on your BS. Yes way Jose.

You can get an endorphin rush from a myriad of sources, including slamming your phone against your leg when you lose a raid. Typically it’s a response to pain. I believe what you really mean is an adrenaline rush, also available from a myriad of sources. Try jaywalking during rush hour.

It’s not the rush that is the mental health disorder. It is the uncontrollable need for it.

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What’s wrong with having a positive reaction to a pain caused by 200 pulls streak without any 5*?

As they say – pain or no pain, no gain.

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I think you should just walk away, maybe visit back in a couple of months. You are not happy with the way things are going and the core character of the game will not be changing anytime soon.

Get rid if the petty, vindictive personality. Focus your efforts on what you enjoy.

And Obviously you don’t read too much as far as the history of SG…In October 2019, the game reached USD 500 million in lifetime revenue and reached 41 million downloads. Now that was just 2 yrs into the Empires life…500 million Now, people come and people go…its a revolving door. Then Zynga purchased 80% of the company initially for USD 330 million in cash and USD 230 million in Zynga unregistered common stock. In May 2020, Zynga paid the first of three installments for the remaining 20 percent of the company, transferring $122 million to Small Giant. So yes people are pumping tons of money into this game and will continue to do so, more so than their ad revenue is bringing in. As long as they continue to bring new content, the money will continue to flow. You mentioned something in one of your earlier posts about not having all of S1 heroes or perhaps it was the 4* heroes you were referring too. It wasnt until midway through S2 that I had every single S1 hero; 3,4 and 5 * and am only missing 1 HOTM from the start of this game through this month…it’s all luck of the draw. Odds are posted in each portal and there are millions of people hitting the same slot machine as you and I, maybe at the same time, maybe not…take that into consideration

A few get lucky. Many accept that the odds are low to summon a decent hero much multiple decent heroes. Folks with strong rosters spend a lot on gem pulls, have been playing for a long time or both.
SGG posts the odds and it appears as if the drop rate across many pulls approximates that.
The economics of the game are unlikely to change in an appreciably manner. You may be vest off taking your valuable time, money and energy elsewhere.