What to do if you're fed up with ridiculous draws

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Gambling all de way

You obviously haven’t seen rush wars in top alliances. Treevilles are the next favourite tank to Alfrikes in many. I personally put a tree in flank next to my Alfrike. Works well for all rush tourney events too.

Trees are also great for rare, epic and even legendary event stuff - the debuffs are unmatched. For a while I was raiding (upper diamond) and warring with Tree as well, he is perfectly viable there (even more so if you have a reviver).

That’s because you summoned in Challenge Festival, where the only epics in that portal are literally all in HA8… No S1 or literally any other 4*. & The only 3* that aren’t in HA are the ones they just released with the CF itself (so they’re still quite new). So yeah, ofc that happened. Did you expect to pull C. Rigard in the Challenge Festival Portal, or what? I don’t get this…

Also, Treevil is the best DD for yellow titans. And a rush all-star, in every rarity including war.


Can you stop complaining now?

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Yep all of this. In Saders we have a pile of Treevils tanking and he 100% eats flags. Lots of them.

Here’s a sneak peak at my next rush defence:


Yeah, it’s a bit like pulling in the elemental summon and complaining about always getting the same color.

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:sob: And if Treevil dies, Kalo says hi.

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I see only one Treevil there. The point isn’t whether he’s an OP rare. It’s whether there is any need for 5 of him. Now you can talk about war as though multiple of a useful hero is relelvant, since you can only ATTACK with that hero once… but the above argument is not applicable because they are using treevils for DEFENSE. Furthermore, one reason a lot of these counter-arguments center on rares that “soak up flags” on war defense is that war defense involves a peculiar calculus by the attacking alliance. A defense that might get smokes in a 1-shot raid may do well in war because all it needs to do is fool the attacker, who is trying to stretch their roster as far as it will go, into setting up a team based on the defense teams power, and treevil, along with a few others, is one of those rare’s who can be used to set a trap defense pretty easily.

As for the point that challenge epic’s and HA8 epic’s are identical, well, I guess that proves my point - HA8 has been carefully crafted to be a POS in that you can get what they are allowing you to “build” – in fact you are guaranteed to get them – from challenge festival.

Your specific point is Treevil won’t help in wars. I just showed you he did.

In regards to multiples I have a pretty strong roster and I use 3 Treevils in Rush wars. His special is devastating. Very rarely do they recover from him firing so I have 3 of him as a 1 in a 3-1-1 and he’s a little insurance piece designed to absolutely cripple them if I’m not getting going with the rest of the guys.

I’m in a Top 50 alliance btw…


Nope. I said “3* in war is a non-starter for most” That was after applauding that someone got multiple Treevils, which is one of the better of the junk pile. Someone tell me that they have multiple shrubbears that they use on attacks (LOL, or in defense!) in war and I’ll show you a big fat liar.

That is what I said. And I stand by it. Treevil can be used as a war defense trap… that’s not what MOST defenses use tactically. And if your whole alliance did it, you would sink from top 50 pretty fast. As for you having 3 of him to use for offensive operations, against 5* defensive teams, you are not going to 1-shot kill with a 3* in your team MOST of the time, unless it is a peculiar color stacking situation. In a war against yellow tanks, sure, most players are going to be digging into every purple they have, and most don’t have a roster that is 30 deep in legendary of every color. With Treevil pumped with emblems and limit broken (or any rare for that matter), they become equivalent to an epic in terms of power. If you spend, then 'roiding up 3 treevils is your perogative, but for most, it’s boring and redundant and a waste of scarce materials.

We use Alfrikes if had, Treevils if not. We sit very nicely in the Top 50. Thanks for the concerns though.

The thing with Rush is you only need 6 tiles for any hero. So if you build a team based on a Primary 3 who’s job it is to smash them to bits you can take 2 off colour or go 1 & 1 with others. At this stage you are concerned with what the special does. If I get the 6 tiles for my primary 3 before they fire them I’ve won. Every time. If I don’t I have some contingency to get myself into it. What Treevil brings is the most devastating combination of Attack down, Defence and Mana debuff in the game. No other hero does what he does. Period.

So if he fires the opposition is crippled. They hit like wet lettuces, my hits on them hurt 50% more and they are gaining less than half the mana they were from tiles.

I’m tasked with 4 one shots each war and at the moment across all wars I’m sat at about a 75% success rate. Rarely do I hit defences with a TP under 5K (rush is the exception, 4.5K can be far deadlier in rush)

But I’m guessing you are either in the Top 5 and are flush with heroes or you don’t have a clue. Either option means you won’t have the perspective required to see the strength in 3* even in Wars or 5* tournaments. And I’m sorry for you there becuase it’s one of life’s simple pleasures to use a 3* and beat down a Double Alfrike + Double Resser defence.


Uhm… Hi there! Currently f2p here. I have 2 LB+20 Treevils and am considering leveling up 2 more. Limit breaking and embleming a 3* hero is pretty cheap and I recoup those scarce materials fairly fast, then gain more of them from that point on by placing top 1% in tournaments thanks to those “wasted” materials I used on “boring and redundant” heroes from the “junk pile.”

Adding challenge heroes to HA8 has been one of the best additions in a long time. I don’t know if you are aware, but you aren’t forced to pull during the CF if you despise the heroes so much.

I have no horse in this race, but @Cheds is part of a top 50 alliance, so I’ll probably value the opinion of the person who actually knows how they operate more than the one of the person who just makes baseless assumptions about it.

Most long term C2P/ F2P were delighted things went into HA8. They could finally round out their rosters.

Play sensibly, get them all in HA8 and save challenge coins for the other events where they aren’t in HA8


You probably missed the part where you gain 50 or 100 emblems if you make the top 1%, and 50 if you make the top 5%. Embleming a 3* costs 200 emblems at most (the 2 last nodes are useless on some classes).

And as an f2p, my priority is embleming my 4* heroes to make them usable, then slowly embleming my 5* as uniformly as I can to avoid being matched up against much stronger defenses from the get go in 5* tournaments.

I’m not claiming I own the truth, but that strategy is good enough to make the top 1% most weeks (5* format included) and consistently get 5 OSK vs 4.7k-4.9k defenses in wars.

Then don’t build it? Your game, your rules.

You can save them for Soul Exchange.

While I agree that mats are too rare, it isn’t my experience. I’ve never bought any and that’s where I’m currently at.

I’m displeased with some aspects of the game and by its overall evolution as well, but it’s a pointless movement whose methods and goals make little to no sense, so of course nobody joined it.

It’s a game. Obviously I spend time playing it.

P.s. Full disclosure: I haven’t always been f2p and I don’t rule out spending again here and there. It just hasn’t happened for a long while. I don’t think it’s relevant to the topic, but I’d rather be upfront about it.


I so love a well informed opinion

This was attempt 1 of 1. Not in rush. Rainbow. 2 3* and 3 4*.

Now imagine rush with tree and 4 5*. Im imagining quite a few wins there…

Here is another one, attempt 3/3. Attempt 2 on this team failed.


Thank you. I always look forward to yours, they are always bursting with positivity.

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Man, I am jealous of your 18 Tomes. I have one and it’s already spoken for. Yes, yes Finley, just a few more feedings and you’ll be big enough …

I do have lots of the other six though.

As for all this thread nonsense here: you can choose to pay with your money, you can choose to pay with your time, you can choose to not pay and just work through the seasons at your own pace, or you can choose to not pay and uninstall the game. If the game is not entertaining you in any way shape or form then what purpose is it serving? Note this last comment is a general comment and in no way part of the reply to @NicoX who, as far as I can tell, does seem to enjoy the game somewhat :grin:


:joy: I do get a lot of tomes, and challenge festival top 1k rare decided to reward… wait for it… a tome! I competed until I realized it made no sense at all, unless I somehow got 8 straight d blades and 0 tome in the meantime.

No worries, I understood it as such. And yes, I do enjoy the game or I wouldn’t play it. One would think the correlation between those two propositions should be obvious, but it seems lost on some.

I perfectly understand having gripes against the game and asking for improvements, but outright hating it and still torturing oneself by playing it is beyond my comprehension.


I find i get mor D blades. My inventory isnt quite as stocked i dont tend to buy AMs either mostly summons im a sucker for. Not a heap. Just a few a month.

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I understand where you are coming from, but it makes no sense, here is why:

  1. ads are good value for time (if it doesn’t freeze or not give loot) i usually get 20-26 keys for costume chamber, lots of emblems and the occasional EHT and 4*am.

  2. Raiding- game pride. I want me def to hold and if it doesn’t my opponent deserves 5 kills for his/hers chest.

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