What to do if you're fed up with ridiculous draws

It is weird how here draws go. For Underwild there is a 51.4% chance of getting an Underwild rare. Here are 5 Underwild rares, Gramps, Helo, Morris, Poppy, and Vollermork. First time I drew several Underwild summons I got a disproportionate number of Helo 3*. Next time it was lots of Vollermorks. Time after lots of Poppy. It does feel like you get one particular 3* over and over in a summons event and a different 3* over and over the next time it comes around.

In addition Small giant needs to STOP blocking content on home screen with all these offers. It is getting out of hand. Need to rearrange base so i can harvest food

I watched a few videos of that summer solstice portal and the amount of dupes of G falcon, Sir Lancelot, and Treevil that the lads pulled was ridiculous. I got 2 of each in a 10 pull myself.

Learn odds and the occurrence of streaks. I didn’t even read past your second sentence because your premise is wrong from the outset.

Hope it helps… But Summon ads are probably much more profitable to SG…
Just think of the items you get between the two…
I think summon ads are barely any worth to the players (you get feeder heroes… thats it - and yes, I am aware of it helping with POV… but that doesn’t seem worth to me in many ways… like who wants that useless chest at the end of POV?)

Lol strike of 1 lol :joy:

I don’t watch adds or spend anymore. Everything ypu are saying has some truth to it but the biggest issue is the amount of people who just dont care.

Being that i found another game over 2 years ago now, i actually feel bad when i see these types of posts. For years everyone toughted that if the summon rates were higher the game would die, or it would be boring if everyone had the same heroes and thats simply not true.

They complete hide the lack of actual game to play behind constant heroes being released while other games have real time events and all sorts of other rewarding activity to use your heroes for without everything being left to random chance.

The fact that after you pull a 5 star and may never get the mats to level it before its outdated is simply sad at this point


I don’t fear I won’t be able to max a 5* before it’s outdated because I need 200+ pulls for no-s1 no-hotm 5*


I strongly agree with you on this. The current rate of new heroes and costumes is off-putting to players including myself.

I have been gradually losing interest in challenge events, which was one of my favourite parts of the game. :cry:

I am a long time player, and have made many friends through the game… Things are getting even worse for no/low spenders but I think I can keep playing on, because I prefer to continue playing alongside my friends. :wink:


Thank goodness @SamMe :heart:

I read the thread title and was just going to add…
Save your $ as there’s never any guarantee you’ll get the hero you want, and you’re more likely to pull a plethora of S1 3* heros instead.

Keep your expectations low and you will very rarely be disappointed @paskicker. GL in your E&P journey.


@paskicker you’re 1 year old.yay! i see myself ‘rambling’ <\here> in my first 2 years (soon to start my 6th)

it’s ok; you’re in that phase where you vent and ‘search’ for answers which will come mostly, eventually, from yourself.

hope you’ll like the game and can see you around in a couple of years after you tune down on your expectations regarding this game.

I do think there must be something to this game that most players do enjoy, otherwise there would not be nearly as many complaints/suggestions about improving it. They would simply leave, as I have done with numerous other games.

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Depends on their definition of “enjoyment”, and the impetus for their definition of “enjoyment”.

Some I know won’t walk away from the game on account of their investment in this game: time and money. Zynga banks heavily on this mindset to retain players.

I get that there are players who feel that way, likely more prevalent in the top alliances (which is well above my pay grade). I also know players who keep playing for that reason, but I also know as many or more who simply quit in frustration after complaining about this very issue. Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome is one definition of … what was it again?

Remember that the forums are not representative of the player base as a whole but more the very top echelons of that base. As such I am an outlier here, presenting a different viewpoint.

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My solution. This draw more than satisfied me. And that’s not easy to do. Ask my wife if you don’t believe


The simple truth about this game is… It’s gambling. All of it. All the time.

We gamble when we make pulls hoping to get a new shiny toy.

We are gambling when we fill the chests, compete in tourneys, wars, killing titans… Hoping to get a decent loot box.

We gamble every time we go into the battle, hoping that the colours of our team will be matched well with the tiles on the board.

We gamble when we aim at Frigg hoping she won’t evade, that Octros won’t revive with full mana, that Alfrike will miss at least one of your heros (hopefully a cleanser)…

We gambe, gamble, gamble…

What to do if you’re fed up with constant bad outcomes, wether it was a bad luck, something is rigged, whatever?

Stop gambling. Or at least, stop gambling with real money. Go to casino instead. Have a whiskey, a line, gamble with style. :sunglasses:

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Been there, done that. This is my rehab

Sorry man. Wish you’re doing better than this. :pray::grimacing:

Just a friendly reminder that I enjoying reading your posts. :wink:


Congrats! Something good.