What to do if a lot of red heroes

Hello everyone. Tell me if someone knows how to collect a squad of colorful heroes. I have a lot of red and green. But there is no blue and purple? Your suggestions? How to fix it? I will accept any suggestions and your experience

Save your gems and do elemental summons in the colors you need. That will guarantee you 3* or better heroes in that particular color.

You can use training camp lvl 13 for building up a 3*-4* bench and tc20 for 4*-5*. Keep farming and feeding your tcs and you’ll get a colorful bench after a while.

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Best answer.
20 things.

Gems are not the way out. In the epic call there is no 100% chance of getting that color that is not enough. I have already tried

In which camp is best to put on a call for the elements?

Not epic summon. Elemental summons


It rotates between the 5 colors.


Thanks for the answer I will try

The only time to do an Epic Summons is when you have an Epic Hero Token.

Always do the Elemental or Event Summons - the odds of getting a 5* are better.


Wait until it shows the color you need

You are good friends, thanks to everyone for the explanation I will try to align the commands

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99% agree but the seasonal event heroes are in epic summons so if you want those you can do them. otherwise event, atlantis, or elemental.