What to do? (Ascension Priorities)

I finally snagged a pair of gloves and now can’t decide what to do with them. Basically I’m trying to decide between one of the following possibilities:

Ascend Joon from tier 2 to tier 3
Ascend Evelyn from tier 2 to tier 3
Ascend Triton from tier 3 to tier 4
Ascend Cyprian from tier 3 to tier 4
Ascend Kashhrek from tier 3 to tier 4

I’m kinda leaning towards Evelyn just because it would be nice to have some offensive punch in the green realm, although I’ve been getting some decent mileage out of Joon and Triton in raids. Cyprian’s been carrying his weight as well at my current level (gold/platinum borderline). Kashhrek hasn’t impressed much yet, but when fully ascended and leveled he always seems to be a pain to face.

I’d appreciate any advice or considered opinions.

I would say Evelyn myself. Kashhrek is more of a defensive hero he works wonders against people attacking with reds. I would stick to your 5*s though. Joon or Evelyn

Evelyn since she can help you with the green tiles and green stack even if your other green heroes are less strong. :slight_smile:

Joon next as he is one of the best snipers in the game.

Do you have the mats to ascend joon or Eve to 4th once getting them to 3/70 because a 4/70 4* is usually better than a 3/70 5*. If not I would ascend triton he is a fast sniper with heal buff but I also like cyprian a lot and use him exclusively on my mono raid team.

I have 2 x Tritons maxed out , usualy a epic hero maxed out is much more usefull then a legendary hero 3/70 so from my point of view Triton will be the one , especialy when his stats are better then most of the 5*

For me Kashhrek first, propably best 4* tank in the game and Triton next. But it depends what accesions items u hawe. How many tonics u hawe, u propably get 4 sturdy shield before 2 tonics.

Thanks to all who took the time to reply. Also, I apologize for accidentally putting this in the wrong section of the forum.

Actually, the shields will likely be more of an issue for me.

Don’t have the mats for either Joon or Eve to go all the way to 4th tier, but I’m also not to the point where I’m power-leveling heroes in a matter of days so that would be a wall I wouldn’t hit for a little while. It’s kinda a moot point though for now as I decided to go with Cyprian in hopes that beefing up my raid defense team may do more to help my ability to stay in Platinum, or at least keep me close enough to make a run at it when it’s time to collect hero chest loot. I chose him over Kashhrek to improve my defense because his ascension doesn’t have as big an impact on my ability to level/ascend other heroes.

New “dilemma”, I pulled Thoth and Cyprian from the current Atlantis gate. Given that I already have a 4/70+1 Cyprian, is it worth keeping him or would it make more sense to use him as Thoth Chow? Also, I don’t have the AMs for either of them… stupid gloves!

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