What to do after map completion

I have completed all of the provinces on the map. it appears to end at province 23. After that what do I start doing or what is there to keep me going in game? any suggestions on what I should focus on?

Ascend all your heros?
Try to get into top 100 for cups?
Kill a 10* titan?
Play with a fun alliance and just hang out?

Keep farming for the goods you need on the map and quests and take a look at gameplay and tactics.

thanks I will do that. i know there is stuff to do but the map gave me a sense of completion. I just expected into be harder and was hoping maybe I was wrong and just needed to get to a certain level to unlock more.

More will come! Continue to build, and help your alliance to grow as well. The next major feature to be released in the game will be Alliance Wars! No details on the mechanics of this, but the developers hope to get it to beta testing in two or three months. How much development it will require after players start trying it out in beta… that’s unknown…

In the meantime there’s the monthly challenges to play with. I’m trying to put together a 3* team again to see if I can nail one of those avatars… :grin:

You might look at this thread for more ideas:

There is a thread in the forum for top titan hits if that’s a goal for you!


The map is just the start of the game. The end game is titan killing and events. Also you can play PVP to improve your rank.


I’m thinking version 2.0 will bring us season 2… just seems to make sense.

Finishing the map is just a small part of the real game. The quest continues with completing your keep, defeating titans, special quests and events etc.

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