What to do after finishing Atlantis hard mode?

I’ve been super focused on finishing Atlantis hard mode over the past 2 months…and now after at 35 minute battle with Ursena that has finally happened! Yay! But I find myself wondering what to do with my world energy now?

I’d like to hear from those of you who have finished already. How are you spending your world energy? 8-7 to oblivion??? :rofl:

I’ve been doing missions to get new icon…


Doh n/m
lol 20 characters

Sorry, I was reading too fast.

Yeah, just 8-7 until season 3 drops I guess.

I’ll edit title to make clear :smiley:

No, no, not your fault, I need to stop trying to speed read, that was totally my bad :crazy_face:

Yes i mainly farm season 1… Atlantis only dur8ng AR

I pretty much just count down the days until Atlantis Rises, trials, challenge events, or rare quests pop up. Otherwise you can find me farming S1:P5 or S2:P1 growing backpacks.


8-7 for monster chest.
Actually doing all quests that are spawning, which i never did except the trials and rare quests. Now doing Iron/ham, battle item, etc
Completing S2 avatar and special stage mission. Just completed Magic Night and halfway through Kirin and Privateers.

That’s about it for my WE

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I’ve been trying to close out the remaining missions to get avatars or gems. During the last Atlantis Rises I went hog wild on 15-9N and have plenty of recruits and backpacks to last me until next AR.

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Q: What to do after finishing Atlantis hard mode?

A: Uninstall the game!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist :rofl: Anyway, good replies above.

Btw @JLB_ep, I also farm only 5/8 between AR’s. It gives me the necessary amount of backpacks for an entire day.

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Mainly auto farming S2, 10-1 for the Kirin and Ice Kitsune missions.
About half way there.

I am also completing the Avatar missions. And afterwards I will continue to farm season 2. It has better rewards. Season 1 is mainly for filling the monster chest quickly and trying out new war teams

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I do 7-4 to finish the monster chest fast, 8-7 for recruits, 15-9 for Metal Ores. I just finished the Kirin and Ice Kitsune missions a few days back.

The Kappa and giant skeleton missions… yeah, I’ll do them during Atlantis Rises.

I have not finished S2 hard mode (except for Ursena), so i plod along there at times.
For the most part I farm S1-8-7, obviously doing quests and challenges.

Same here. Wait for any special event/quest and farm for backpacks.

They should do a Season 1 Hard Mode. That would be super easy for the programmers to do without much investment in time/costs and it would give us something to do and a chance at more 4* mats.

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Kappas and Gashadokuros atm.

And this is why I’m auto-farming 5/8 instead 8/7

Here’s what I do typically: i hit 7-4 about 5-6 times. This takes my WE down to about 30. I then hit S2 1-10 Hard 3 times. This fills my chest. I then hit 1-10H each time I get 10 WE. I stop early enough to build up WE to do it again in the evening.

Of course when something special shows up in the quest area, all bets are off.

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Red Lobster and spongebob marathon.

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