What to build after first TC20?

Farms or more TC20? Lol

Or food storage

Maxing all my farms, need food sooooooo much more than iron - they really need to introduce more ways to spend iron. Always out of food, always maxed on iron.


yep, hence the “a bit” :stuck_out_tongue: I believe we only have to level up 1 of those IS18 to 19.

I rather make them leave Barracks to the end if they have no 4* troops, that way they won’t waste troops feeding 1-3* troops and have tons for when they actually start getting 4* troops (especially the mana ones :heart_eyes:). I actually wish I had done that before, struggling now to get anywhere past lvl15 lol


9 4d 0h 1,714,000
10 4d 18h 2,068,000

2068000 - 1970000 = 98000 more storage needed

mine storage
19 1,146,000 1d 18h 434 32,000

18 to 19 > + 32000

this means 98k = 3x32k + 2k
meaning 4x19 lvl storage = 4x1d 18h and 4x 1.5 mil iron = 7d and 6 mil iron that aint a “bit”

also 5d + iron to get to lvl 10 barracks


Thanks @Tamertain for the clear and well-founded advice!

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Then others TC20 to increase your chances to drop the 4* heroes you need.
If a 5* would come by then park him and go on.

Just after the TC20 you could increase your resource extractors and storages.
Houses some level past 100 recruits capacity could even be a good choice, to not waste them.

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Alon with previous advice also make sure to still follow whatever missions you have left that will reward you gems.

Ex. Definitely bring an iron storage and food storage to level 20, those get you 30 gems each.

will keep that in mind for future references, ty!

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Get your 9 farms up to 20 asap
Tranings in TC20&19 cost tons of food.
Then get your mines up to 20.
Then your iron storages.
Then the food storages.
Then the Watchtower for more food.
Then the Forgs.
Then Barracks.
After all 1 rainbow 4☆ team can’t be the goal!


Trainings in TC20&19 cost tons of food.

+the barracks. The troops must feast like royalty in order to go up 1 measly level

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I have to disagree (unless F2P, then you aren’t paying for VIP anyway), for C2P players especially- VIP is the best deal for gems. 900 for $4.99 is a great deal, probably one of the best, so long as you collect the allotted gems everyday.


I’d say farms and mines. Need lots of food for TC19 and needs lots of iron for crafting tornadoes and timestops

As for what to level, it depends on your playstyle and priorities.

If you need heroes, I’d do TC’s first. & If you have a lot of heroes and/or troops to level, or plan on running several TC20s, I’d get those farms leveled as well. Then, the Watchtower if you want more resources coming in.

If you don’t need heroes that much, then I’d work on mines to 20 and another forge probably. Also, the barracks if you have 4* troops and need to raise the cap for max level to accompany your stronger heroes (only if you have them).

Houses, food storage and iron storage can wait til last unless you find the cap isn’t enough for you, those are the easiest to work around. Also, the last two forges can be the very last; don’t see a need to have more than two running unless you’re trying to compete in monthly challenge events and need to craft a ton of items at once.

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I don’t know why everyone is saying mines and more Iron Storage. My mines are at lvl 12 and I never run out of Iron for building. My shortage is Food. With 1 TC at 20, 1 at 19, and 2 at 11 I can only run 19 about an hour a day and than just put it back to 11. Building my bench for wars is my priority so food is a premium.

You have the necessary buildings for Legendary training.

==Storing Food and Recruits==

You can “store” food in legendary ( RT 20 ), elite ( RT13 ) or guaranteed rare ( RT 12 ) recruits training ( see Notes ).

I would bring a camp up to 19 and then another cam up to 11.

Recruit training 19, Extra fast, is the second best hero XP per recruit & the fastest XP per hour. It can also do Extra low cost ( RT11 ) when out of Rugged clothes & food for Extra fast training ( RT 19 ).

Extra low cost ( RT 11 ) is the best way to store extra recruits.

==Producing Food==

Farms are the best source for food and you always need food. Leveling 4* troops and 4*/ 5* heroes takes a lot of food.

I would then level all your farms to 20.

==Low on Iron==

Since you are running two builders, you might run low on iron.

Mines and Watchtower use food to upgrade. When you are low on iron, you can level your mines ( eventually to 20 ) and your Watchtower ( eventually to 20 ). Watchtower is a good source of food & Iron.

==Storage and rewards==

Increased food storage and iron storage effect food rewards and iron rewards from titans and Wanted hero mission chest.

I would then level all your food storage to 20 followed by leveling all your iron storage to 20.

==Leveling Troops==

Barracks level 6, IIRC, lets you max level 2*/ 3* troops.

==Recruit storage==

Unfortunately increased recruit storage doesn’t increase rewards. Recruit storage 200- 250 helps when you are moving recruits between camps.

==All level 20 buildings==

When you base has all level 20 buildings, remember to convert your Barracks back to a Forge, convert a level 20 Forge to the Barracks, and then level the Level 5 Forge that used to be under the Barracks.

The extra summons is only worth 2 recruits 66% of the time and loot tickets are not a good way to get troops, since you get the most troops per World energy by running 3 energy stages and Loot tickets work best on 6- 10 energy stages.



You have two builders. Some buildings cost more iron for the time it takes to build, some take less.

Storage is most expensive. Farms and mines, and the stronghold are the cheapest. TCs and forges are in between. If you try to just build storages with both builders you will run out of iron. If you just do cheap ones, you will overflow. Doing a mix is best.

One other non obvious thing: if you build up your iron and food storage, you will get more food and iron in your raid chests. So there is an advantage for them too. (I’m wondering if house construction increases the number of recruits you get when you win a raid?)


Which is more than 0% without it. I get 30 extra summons a month to feed heros and troops and if I get troops a third of the time Im happy. I already said i use the loot tickets when im lazy to get my chest filled, not to get troops. Was just explaining why i like them. Its a personal preference.

With the appearance of advance buildings, what would you recommend to do after first TC20? More TC,Farms, SH21?:thinking:

Bring two more tc up to 20 and all the farms to 20. Don’t worry if you have ridiculous amount of food. Just keep storing in tc20. The day will come when you need it, between troops and raid rerolling.

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Depends on your needs. If you are a free to play player with very few or zero 5* heroes (+ still missing many of the trainable 4* heroes), then build a second and maybe even third TC20. With one single TC20 you only have a chance of roughly 5 % (the exact value is unknown, but data from a few thousand pulls suggests it’s more or less 5 %) every other day.

If you already have several 5* heroes and all of the important 4* heroes, first focus on farms as you will need lots of food (as @DracoLovesRi has already said, later in the game you will need crazy amounts of food) and then get your stronghold to 21 to unlock the first advanced buildings.

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