What to build after first TC20?

You have the necessary buildings for Legendary training.

==Storing Food and Recruits==

You can “store” food in legendary ( RT 20 ), elite ( RT13 ) or guaranteed rare ( RT 12 ) recruits training ( see Notes ).

I would bring a camp up to 19 and then another cam up to 11.

Recruit training 19, Extra fast, is the second best hero XP per recruit & the fastest XP per hour. It can also do Extra low cost ( RT11 ) when out of Rugged clothes & food for Extra fast training ( RT 19 ).

Extra low cost ( RT 11 ) is the best way to store extra recruits.

==Producing Food==

Farms are the best source for food and you always need food. Leveling 4* troops and 4*/ 5* heroes takes a lot of food.

I would then level all your farms to 20.

==Low on Iron==

Since you are running two builders, you might run low on iron.

Mines and Watchtower use food to upgrade. When you are low on iron, you can level your mines ( eventually to 20 ) and your Watchtower ( eventually to 20 ). Watchtower is a good source of food & Iron.

==Storage and rewards==

Increased food storage and iron storage effect food rewards and iron rewards from titans and Wanted hero mission chest.

I would then level all your food storage to 20 followed by leveling all your iron storage to 20.

==Leveling Troops==

Barracks level 6, IIRC, lets you max level 2*/ 3* troops.

==Recruit storage==

Unfortunately increased recruit storage doesn’t increase rewards. Recruit storage 200- 250 helps when you are moving recruits between camps.

==All level 20 buildings==

When you base has all level 20 buildings, remember to convert your Barracks back to a Forge, convert a level 20 Forge to the Barracks, and then level the Level 5 Forge that used to be under the Barracks.

The extra summons is only worth 2 recruits 66% of the time and loot tickets are not a good way to get troops, since you get the most troops per World energy by running 3 energy stages and Loot tickets work best on 6- 10 energy stages.