What time zone does the HOM Change

The Hero of the Month changes each month, but what time and what time zone. Helsinki is UTC +2:00. So is it then? Does it switch at noon or midnight. My search fu is not finding the answer on the boards.

I really want the next one, Areon. I don’t know if I should stay up late or get up early…


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What difference does it make

I feel like last month I got it in the middle of the night. I don’t remember the exact time but I’m almost positive it was around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m eastern time. So if my memory is right it was probably 12:00. Try not to pay attention to the above post. I’m not sure what the relevance mattered to them but I also got a generic response from him/her as well.

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Everything in this game is based on UTC and the HotM changes at midnight on the last day of the month. So Aeron will be available at 2:00 am tomorrow in Helsinki, 10:00 pm EST for me in the United States.


Grats Wrarflord! FYI: great name.

So that would be 1:00 am for Pacific time. Cool, I will stay up late.

I want Aeron and the bunnies, NOW! I am a nerd…

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Nah we are GMT -8 out here on the west coast, so 4 pm.

Wharf I believe you meant 7 pm Eastern? Atlantic is slightly larger than 2 timezones bud :slight_smile:

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I am good at math, but have a mental block when dealing with time zones. I don’t know who is right, but I am excited to find out.

Granted if SG does the drop at 6:00 am or pm that will mess with all three of us.

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So do I
Try using this time zone map. To me, it is much easier when I can SEE it.



Near Washington DC, less than 16 hours for me.

The Spring Offers calendar switches at the same time.

For most games they use UTC since that is the time servers use. On iOS you can go Clock >> World Clock >> “+” button >> select UTC to add a UTC clock, then you don’t have to do math.

As an aside, Challenge events appear to be 11:00 AM Helsinki Finland time ( I have also added that clock ) so the Devs don’t have to race back to the office and get the Admin key token if something goes horribly wrong when the live server updates.

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Note to self: don’t try and make time zone calculations while drunk. I believe it’ll be at 8 pm though since we’re on daylight savings time now.


Now that I am sober, I realize my question was pointless. It was obvious it would switch with the spring calendar. Granted I really like this game, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I am well into my cups.

; )

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Curious to see if you get him.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

You have an entire month to try and get him. Sleep well.


Ha! I did not get the big blue bunny (very sad). I did get 4 Squire Wabbit’s and 2 Aeron’s. I fed two of my Wabbits to another hero. I know I am going to level one wabbit for beginner challenge, but I have not decided what to do with the other. I am leveling the first Aeron and plan on leveling the second also. No way I am ever feeding a 5* or 4* to another hero.

On a side note, I also got a Grimm. Love him but I already have 3, now 4. So SG… Could I order a full case of warm cloaks? Is there a quantity discount? That would be nice.

AW has changed a lot of things for me. I only cared about having one of each hero before. Now I love having duplicates of heroes I like.


You are sending mixed messages! :grin:

(Just teasin’…)

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I like my messages like I like my drinks, mixed. Mnnn, might not be true. I also like my drinks neat. I definitely am not neat. : )