What time of day do events start?

Hi all. I’ve managed to convince myself the best time to do summons is right at the beginning of the events. I’m thinking they increase the odds of 5* so everyone goes on the forums saying how lucky they are. I want to try a couple of pulls in the first few minutes. I can find what day they start, but not the time. Thanks in advance.

It should be 8:00 AM GMT (Greenwich Main Time - England Time Zone). Not sure though.

That being said I doubt that it has any impact on hero selection, though, as a player of Final Fantasy XII, I’ve seen some weird stuff that indicates that you’ll get that Zodiac Spear from the chest.

If there’s a hero I really want, I’ll do a big summon in the first few seconds of an event. I’ve been very lucky doing that in the past few months.

Thank you. Probably just me being cynical. But I got amazing pulls my first couple of weeks, not good now, so I’m thinking they do adjust the odds. Got 6 ranvir in first week and several 5*.

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