What this Game needs is a Defender's Chest / Raid Defense Chest / AI Chest

I have noticed that being able to win raids rolls kind of like the timer of when the Titan spawns.

There are times I do better in the morning, however, it does roll to afternoons, evenings and it stays that way for roughly a week then rolls to the next time frame.

It may be to keep the competitiveness all throughout the day

May have to do with when you login and out as well and when others login and out since everyones titan times change and what not

I like this suggestion Rigs. It’s definitely worth a try to keep people interested in the game.

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Yay lol thanks i really really like the idea. I’m sure there’s flaws and improvements that could be made, so those will be interesting. Just have to see them as unbiased feedback rather than lil :poop: crappin on my idea lol

I’ll certainly need to Raid more to comment intelligently. :wink:

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Hi devs,

Would you consider creating a chest for heroes whom AI defense kills?

The loot doesn’t need to be anything fancy just like typical monster and raid chests.

Probably make it 100 kills to open 1 chest like the monster one 'cause everyone got raided like crazy everyday.

This may give some meaning of working on your defense team as well. Now it’s all about losing trophies, food, and iron to others.

I like this idea… But im open for more chances for mats.

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I am too, but I know that’s unlikely… I mean they wouldn’t make it like elemental chest…

Haha. Thatd be great. But would totally throw off the balance.
No harm no foul if it was like the monster/raid chest.
Mystic Vision tends to give me better rewards than those chests.

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Hello everyone
Am I the only one that thinks the heroes your defence team kills while someone is raiding you should be added to the hero chest ??
Imagine how happy when you wake up realize that you miss a few trophies from being attacked while you sleep but the wanted hero chest is full !!! Wouldn’t it be awesome !!!

A similar idea has been proposed at least a couple times before:

I think the idea of your regular raid chest filling automatically sort of defeats the purpose of the chest, since you’re not playing. But the idea of having something separate related to the AI wins could make sense to me, like the ideas above.

It is your defence team and your hero’s of course you want to have a chest of heroes you defeated but that you do anyway just loot coming a little quicker while you are offline I think it doesn’t make much difference if a couple of the heroes in the chest got defeated by AI !!! It’s not like in 8 hours your defence clears 100 lol and it really would be nice a little loot to ease the pain of loosing the hard earned trophies !!!

Since I’ve been playing this game I’ve found the heroes chest to be unfair. It should count also for killed heroes when attacked by others not only when you attack. If that is considered to be possibly filling up to quickly the chest then raise the points needed for the chest to open if necessary but start counting killed heroes when raided by others!

In the last 12 hours, I count 10 outright enemy defeats, with no idea how many more attacking heroes my defenses killed in the additional 9 successful raids against me.
So… the raid chest should be upped to 150 plus required hero kills to keep it a challenge you think?

Maybe…well I’m sure that to some extent the number should be determined based on some stats they might have

I’m pretty sure the reason that it doesn’t count the enemy raids is because it’s un-monitored. The battle is controlled via algorithm + AI, and the only tracking done is for the party doing the attacking.

Frankly, I believe this is fair because you yourself aren’t participating in enemy raids.

I can understand how vexing it is, however. The raid algorithm is fiercely unfair. You’ll go on a winning streak, reach a certain trophy earning, then fall into a losing streak and drop as much as 400 before bouncing back again. The cap raises as your overall team power does. It’s a known ‘issue’, and I’m under the impression that E&P is working to improve the experience. For now, however, we have to continue to bite the bullet.

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Thanks for your thoughts…I feel though that it was worth posting the idea, as you say we keep on biting the bullet but maybe they come up with some sort of idea on how to improve this aspect of the game

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I think what they should do to leverage the system is to allow the attacking party to use healing items.

I say only healing items because I can see weapon spammers taking advantage of the system, but healing items could potentially make the experience seem more fair.

Raids are already skewed in favor of the attacker. We don’t need to give them any more advantages.


The chests only count situations where you are an active participant. When you are defending in a raid, you are passive. The AI is controlling your defense.

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