What this Game needs is a Defender's Chest / Raid Defense Chest / AI Chest

A Defender’s chest is similar to the Hero’s chest. Your Defender’s chest fills up with each dead raiders the AI successfully killed during a raid. It would do away with folks putting up crappy defenses just so they could drop in ranks, so they can easily raid for their Hero’s chest.

Mmm… Interesting…
Dropping cups is a cheap tactic. I have found myself using it more than once since it is not illegal. But still a cheap tactic.
This could be a way of discourage that.


I actually like that idea. I use my best defense at all times, I think dropping cups on purpose is in a way cheating IMO but like stated not illegal.

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I’d vote for this idea if I hadn’t already reached my vote limit.


Excellent idea. I dropped cups at one point too before the raid chest got better by tier (and to get my win streak high). Best way to stop cup dropping is indeed rewards that make it worth more to not do it any longer.

Such a great idea. Would love to have this.

I strongly support that!

I’ll give you a vote here cause I reached my limit. :heart:

I am with ya!! Love the idea

Whats wrong with dropping cups?

While I quite like the idea of a reward chest for defenses, I’m wondering how the community would advise the developers to implement this?

The current reward chests require active play. You have to put time and energy into the game to accumulate progress towards earning the chests. This means the developers have got you responding to an addictive impulse to grind away your time and energy in order to earn a reward.

If the defense chest was just filling up on its own from AI battles when you’re not actively playing, then there would be no addictive impulse required to earn it. You would just have to put a defense in place, and come back at some elapsed time to collect the reward that has built up in your absence.

Such a mechanic would not likely sit well with the developers and the standard model of addictive play that is used in all micro-transaction games.

So if we can come up with a mechanic that serves their model, then perhaps this is something they would be willing to consider and implement.

Let the mechanics ideas generation commence…

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Yes this sounds like a good idea!! I think they should let us spend food or iron on them or some of both. And if the game inventors think about it, if people are using food and iron. In the long run they might even spend cash money when they normally wouldn’t.

I like it. I will juggle hearts to give you a vote. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m still getting a 403 Error when I try to vote here. I’ll ask about it and return.

Edit #2: voted. :slight_smile:

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That’s a valid point, but maybe look at it more along the lines of world, raid, and titan flags — you are not required to do anything actively to get those, just log on after some time has passed, and use them if you want………I would think there could be some way to do the same with a Defender’s Chest.

And while you may not need to actively be doing anything to earn the reward, you would by necessity have to be working on levelling heroes and troops to be able to defend against raiders consistently enough to fill it.

The upcoming raid battles will offer ways to win more rewards, awarding points both for offense and defense…….while this isn’t the same as a chest, I am interested in anything that gives us another chance for ascension items and loot!

I will swim against stream and I am not a cup dropper. I also stayed constantly in diamond for half of my time I play the game.
I am against as I feel it would be unfair for the players who never drawn beast tanks like Yunan or Guinevere. Yunan (with a good full 5* team) easily gets over 60% success defense ratio where anyone else including Mitsuko, GM, or any 5* healers don’t reach even 40% long term success. Then some players would for free fill so much more chests than the others and increase the gap between the rest of the players.

That’s a good point too! Maybe if you just got say an extra raid or world flask, or troops or trainer heroes, gems etc. instead of ascension mats. I can see that being unbalanced for lower level players taking longer to be able to fill one, while giving higher levels more frequent chances.

Although lower levels, because they have less world energy available, take longer to fill the monster chests now, too. So I am trying to look at both sides of that.

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There are multiple threads with similar ideas to this that were all created in November 2018. This one has the most votes and comments, so I am merging the others into here.

Apologies for the jumbled chronological order of posts this will create.

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What if we had a raid defense chest separate from the heros chest

And unlike the fluctuation of arenas like normal hero chest, the defense chest could only go up in arenas but cant go down

Basically once a player hits diamond, the defense chest would only count defense wins in diamond

Therefore encouraging players to climb the ranks to get hit more defensively to in turn gain more chances at wins
Along with a small 2k in food per win

And further discourages cup dropping

Once a player hits diamond, they will further have more to lose if they drop to platinum sincr defense chest will essentially freeze until they get back in diamond

This would also help sell the “cup freeze” product when players are goin to be away from the game for awhile

Would actually give that product a real purpose

Defense chests should be worth more than attacking chests

As they are harder to fill and not as commonly filled

We all know AI blows

The chests dont have to include mat rolls(would be nice bonus though), but should definitely be worth a larger sum of food iron than attacking chests and could add recruits and loot tickets and gems/tokens whatever else in there as well lol. Mainly food and iron would be my biggest request for sure though.

Also defense raid chests wouldn’t be able to be temporarily replaced by elemental chests and any heros killed by your defense wouldnt count towards elemental chests.

Easiest way to do this would be to give the chest an x amount of wins to fill over x amount of heros since i doubt the game tracks every hero our defense kills.

Anyways just a rough draft idea that i think could benefit the game.

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Rigs i agree with you. The only timme i seem to win a raid is early of a morning can you think of why this would be?

In defense? Probably because people are pre coffee raiding lol

Anytime you consistently lose defensive raids, dont be afraid to make adjustments and try different synergies

Also keep in mind the more attack raids you win, the more defensive raids you will probably lose

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