What the reanimating hell?

First battle in war, taking down Santa, kill him, wounded most then he reanimated and all team get health back?? Is this possible! Caused a loss to me and our alliance!

Sure that Rigard wasn’t the one that healed the team and Santa was only near do death (maybe accuracy ban from Justice on your hero so that you did not hit)? Healing/reanimation is not an ability of one of the opponents heroes.

I assume Santa’s class is a fighter - If so he’s got the revive talent, meaning he has a 6% chance of coming back with 1hp after he dies, then either Rigard, or if in war field aid, would heal everyone’s health

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True, I never thought about that little %

Yeah, it can be really frustrating. But I love it when I’m attacking, my boldtusk reviving has won me many close fights!

Yep…forgot that.

20 santas

Santa is a monk, so not that.

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