What the hell!

Yesterday my alliance git rare titan and if we kill him we git farsight telescope

But we kill him and im git first attack rank 1 +A

But i dont git this farsight telescope and i asked all my alliance team nobody git waaaay ???

Your point being?
If you read the fine print: “Bonus chance”.
Which just means, that there is a chance to get a telescope.

There also is a chance that the whole of you dematerilze and rematerilze in a far away galaxy right to a hypersexy alien girl doing all possible &#!@"§ $#% acts with you and then you rematerilze again right where you left.

Nobody mentioned how big a chance!

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The only person in my alliance that got one was ranked 15th on titan damage. I was ranked 1st and got normal loot.

1st doesn’t mean you get the loot

But I’m not defending SG and their Titan loot it’s beyond pathetic


Our alliance also happened. The only telescope was taken by someone who remained in the post 24. A practical joke

Getting a good score will improve your chances, but it guarantees nothing.

She wasn’t all that. Would have taken 'scope if I knew

We did a 12* blue unicorn used a lot items and the loot was as its written a joke. I got a hidden blade wow :cold_sweat: