What the hell to do with 2 colors?

Like this,been running 2 tcs 13 for 2 months now…my team is kellile,hu,scarlett,grimm and aegir(prayed to the god for decent draw and he gives me him…)
Here is the problem,for a last month or so my 3 tc is rushing toward 20,believe this mockery can last for another month i believe,these 2 tc 13 are spitting ALL blue and reds yesterday another boril+sonya,what the hell team can u made of them?any thoughts?heroes i mentionted are only4&5 i have + their copycats from tcs following…tnx

be happy your tc13 spits 4*

mine doesnt. happy i got a bane 'cause i needed another good holy…

Well man,trust me on this one,its been like aproxx 50 or so pulls of 3,before this crazy shh,and this maybe hurts more than that coz im blocked all the way,cant finish map +raids are beginning to be lobothomy of its own,only plus os red titan…and yea lol i got some 4 coensecutive hidden blades followed by same sturdy shields…

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Duplicate heroes, specifically the ones you mentioned, are good for alliance wars. Duplicate colors are good for high-level raiding and titan slaying. Keep them. You can get them to 3/60 without using precious rare ascension items.

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