What the hell happened with my Rare Quest?!?


I woke up this morning eager to complete the last stage of my Rare Quest when, to my surprise and dismay, I saw it had been replaced by an (un)common type II quest, with the same 4 remaining hours to complete.

This was a first! I’m feeling very angry and cheated! I was about to capture a much needed mystic ring plus hidden blade set, and now I’m left with crafting items.

I’m about to quit the game altogether! What now?




The uncommon one was here yesterday already, the rare quest got replaced by the recruits quest. You were mistaken, it was supposed to be replaced this morning.

But I get your disappointment, it is a pity you are missing out on those mats.


The game has not cheated on you, it’s just that the countdown expire.

We all have the same quests (right now recruits - handicraft items II) so we know for sure.

It’s a shame, be careful next time.


These are the current available quests:

They each have a time limit and do expire. Please be mindful of the time so you don’t miss out on various prizes. Good luck! :wink:


Oh no, Challenge Event in 17 hours! Caught my team with their pants down :scream: I started to build the next troop building to use food there to use the recruits freed from the TC11 to produce more fodder to get them leveled up but my master plan has fallen apart and now my TC20 will be postponed for no reason :scream_cat:

I thought the event was coming next week lol. Oh well haha.