What the game is really missing…

What the game is really missing is a no-nerf-incoming stamp of approval on newly released heroes.

For real. Please add in a stamp of approval that appears on the cards in the portal.

I recommend we have 3 stamps to choose from:

100% not getting a nerf

We don’t anticipate a nerf, but minor adjustments to be made

We plan to nerf this hero within a month, keep your money, run away laughing, and expect you to address us as, “my supreme overlords.”

A system like this would really clear up a lot of the confusion!

Thanks so much in advance for your implementation of this comically necessary feature.


Honestly, I don’t get this concept…

Thorne comes with a “nerph proof” certification.


This is simply asking for someone to play the game for you. Part of playing this game is selecting heroes. Knowing which to select is a skill. You just want to remove that aspect from the game.

I have no idea how you could possibly infere this from reading the OP.


Kalo kalo

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