What tha hill

What the hill i see 1.3% chance for hero of month ok … thats 1 chance if i git 100 heros pulls i git 1 but i try 170 pulls but i dont git i lose 40k gems for that way i dont gi it

Dont till me thats luck but thats ■■■■

Im so engry big mony i lose and bad heros :rage:

I said it once, I’ll say it again.

Doing 100 pulls will not increase your odds.

Every pull you have a 1.3% chance at the hero of the month. Despite the fact that so many have the hero, this doesn’t mean you will get the hero, no matter how many times you spend gems.

It is misfortune and I am sorry you did not get her.

Odds are published, chance is there but it is small.

If this is not good enough, walk away or stop spending.


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