WHAT TEAM would you love to have, but you dont have even close, so you are not building current roster in this direction

Interesting you didnt go for Frigg but rather C. Kadilen?

Any thoughts why? :slight_smile:

I see what you mean if Frigg was the choice, along with Odin then 50% of the board would be covered.

My initial thoughts were , Finley and Frigg’s, def down doesn’t stack
It’ll be a toss up of 34% def down or 41% then plus some . Frigg maybe the obvious choice but to obvious there always a solution to counter it .

Seshat / GM / Telly / Vela / Poseidon

Missing them all :rofl:

Also missing all of every team mentioned above. Oh wait, I do have Wilbur. And I think Malosi was mentioned somewhere.


Cobalt, Frigg, Garnet, Odin, Jabberwock, have Garnet , and Jabberwock, think this ever getting the other 3 are slim, but it looks nice

  1. Seshat-Drake-Kunchen-Onatel-Jabberwock
    I’ve always liked yurple defenses, and this is my vision of what a “best” yurple defense would look like. (only have Jabberwock)

  2. Seshat-Zeline-BK-Francine-Drake
    This is just building on the green-red-green center fad that is (was?) a thing. God help you if you stacked blue and can’t tile out BK before he goes off, might as well just flee because Zeline and Francine will absolutely destroy you. (have none :joy:)

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