What team would be recommended in raids


In my opinion:

  • Debuffer
  • Defence lowerer
  • sniper
  • sniper
  • Healer?

any thoughts?


Whats the starting point ?

Do I have all 3*, 4* and 5* available.

The broad categories fall short because of the synergy of certain heroes with each other.


I didn’t give you any border or limitations :smiley: If you want to make more specific choices, you may.

I like to know - and you may give examples - what you think is best for a raid team. Maybe you don’t use a healer at all :smiley:


Buff/heal, antidispell/hit, dot, sniper, gamble

Is my team know.

Sniper DOT are most important


From my point of view, it’s quite hard to answer such question. I change my team on each raid (almost) depending on specials and tank color. I can’t see a single team doing this efficiently. To kill Guin or grave I will choose 3 dark / 3 ice heroes then complete accordingly with other heroes.


The first thing you do is check the team you want to attack.

I give you my decision process I use at the moment as an example although ist very simple because of my small hero base.

Resources available:

Kiril, Tiburtus, Boril, Little John, Chao

Check opposing team for tank:

not red: reroll………exception tank is very weak ( for example Gobbler or a 5* hero in second ascencion.

red: Is the tank killable before special fires ?

are any instant reroll heroes in set up. Many examples like all the strong fully ascended 5* heroes, Zeline, Gm, Athena etc. or some 4* heroes like Kashrek or Riposte heroes because I have no dispeller.

Is special survivable ?

Any instant reroll heroes in set up ?


I would always like to bring at least one healer with me.
For example Kiril for buff and heal and Sabina for dispell and heal.

Then a pulverizer debuffer ( meaning lowering defense ) and damage dealer is always helpfull.

A fast Damage dealer with dot like Gravemaker always seems to help. :smile:

Should you be a gambler there is alway Wu waiting to have some fun.

or any other usefull hero for the special problem you see with the team you are attacking.
Haensel comes to mind.

So you see the attacking team is variable depending on the resources available.

Good luck.


What the perfect raid team is will vary depending on whether you are attacking or defending.


Your team should ideally be rainbow, or should at least have flanks who are strong against your tank’s weak colour. (To negate the effectiveness of colour stacking and pick up easy wins when attackers have bad boards.)

Your tank is most important, obviously. Its most important characteristic will be its durability. Its second most important characteristic will be its special, because your tank is likely to fire its special. Once you have selected your tank then you ought to select your other heroes to complement it.

I’d suggest: healer, AOE debuffer, AOE damager, AOE mana spoiler, dispeller. Their placement will depend mostly on who your tank is.

There’s lots of AOE there and no snipers. Snipers are poor defenders, because the AI is stupid and will usually choose the wrong opponent to snipe. Faster mana charging is always better than slower mana charging, but I’d rather my defender fire a powerful special late than a useless special early.


The perfect attacking team will be tailored to negate the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the defending team, so I don’t think there is a Platonic ideal of an attacking team.

If we decided to build an attacking team that would have the best chance of success against opponents without tailoring, then I think there is probably still room for variation depending on your playing style and preferences.

It would certainly have to be a rainbow team, to have the best chance of success against a wide range of opponents. Tanks don’t really matter on attack, so we have a lot more flexibility available to us. I think @VFROOD’s proposal of dispeller, debuffer, sniper, sniper, healer would be a pretty good general purpose team. There’s room for a lot of fast mana charging heroes there, which I know many players prefer on attack.

As an alternative, I’d suggest that combinations of slow mana charging heroes with AOE specials can also be effective on attack, as long as they have the durability (or healer support) to last long enough to charge up. Mana spoilers can also be very effective on attack if they are used properly.

So a team to suit a more attritional playing style might be: healer/defence buffer, dispeller, AOE debuffer, AOE damager, AOE mana spoiler. On attack, though, I think the bottom line is that a myriad of different team constructions can be effective.



What you’re proposing with 2 colours is fi

Red- purple-yellow- purple-green if not rainbow?

Interesting:) and would the 2 flanker be fast manna sniper or aoe?


Yes, that’s the colour arrangement I would suggest, although omitting blue offers attackers the opportunity to include fragile red heroes in their team. I think it is stronger to select your tank from the RGB colours, double on its less vulnerable colour for flanks, and omit either yellow or purple entirely. (Omitting yellow or purple cannot be exploited by an opponent, because yellow and purple are symmetrical.)

For example: yellow, red, blue, red, green.

(Edit: To be clear, I still think rainbow is the best approach to colour, defensively. Doubling the tank’s less vulnerable colour on the flanks is the second best approach, I think.)

Should flanks be snipers? I don’t think so. Whenever I see snipers on defence teams, I laugh heartily and eat some cheese. When a sniper’s special becomes available there is usually one target that is obviously the best choice. The AI will select that target one time in five. (I’m exaggerating slightly: the truth is closer to one in three, for complicated reasons.) AOE heroes are always better on defence. (I’m exaggerating again - not always, but almost always, in the late game.)