What team strength for each province?


Is there a way to determine what team strength you need to have a fighting chance in any given province?

I hit Province 21, and started losing. So, I’ve been leveling up like crazy. But I’m not sure what goal to shoot for. I’ve increased my team quite a bit, and I suppose I could just go in and start fighting and find out the hard way if I’ve leveled up enough or not, but it would be nice to know ahead of time if I’m in the ballpark with my team strength before I go using up a bunch of world energy.



I’m at Province 20 with teams ranging from 2800-3300. This seems to be where I start needing to use items.

Every team is different, composed of different heroes; I’m not sure what you’re taking in, but I’d be using a healer and buff/debuffers as well as hard hitters.


Thanks Rook! That helps. I was below 2800, but now am almost 2874. So, looks like I have a little ways to go to be comfortable, but I’m starting to be in the ballpark.


Hi Merlin, I’m currently half way through level 20. My team is right at 2900. I’m using 2 healers with defense & buffs. 2 snipers & a “broad sword” (Gormek).
I’ll need to level up if I want to progress without using battle items.


Looks like we have a similar setup! I’m also using Gormek, and two healers. I have only one sniper though. My other hero is Skittleskull, which attacks all enemies at once, which is nice.


Skittle is a slow Hero; you can take blue mana potion with you to pop him up a little faster. :slight_smile:


Since there’s no great reward for finishing the map, I would just leave until I got bored and had energy to waste and give it a go. I think I finished the last level with around 3300 team power. I actually thought the “special” levels of province 23 were harder than the final level if that makes you feel any better.


Oh wow. Until your reply, I didn’t realize that the map ends at province 23! Are there plans to add more provinces, or is that it?


He is slow, which is annoying. But you know which member of my team is slower? Vivica. I love her, and she’s a FANTASTIC healer, but sometimes she’s so slow that a lot of damage gets done before she’s powered up. So, I’m always crafting mana potion for her. Lol.


There are several plans in the works, some of which are:

  1. Season 2
  2. Alliance Wars

Not sure which one will come first :slight_smile:


That sounds fun. I’m looking forward to that! :slight_smile:


I’ve a team of 3004 power and province 23 is the place where I’d have to start using items other than tiny antidote, tiny healing potion and tiny mana potion. So I’m not progressing there currently, no reason whatsoever to invest in that, but up until then it was okay to go cheap-mode.

If an area gets tough, remember to stack your specials and heal your team before moving onto the next wave.


Alliance wars, from what they said. Season 2 is a song of the future.


Not necessarily. Wait for the announcement (which may take a while).

Honestly I’m good with either, but I’d prefer both.


Didn’t they say this in a post two days ago or so? That season two will come at some point later and alliance wars are the next thing planned. I seem to recall reading it.


That sounds right. :wink:

Don’t mind me, I misread your post.