What team does opponent raid

What team when I am inactive and get raided does my opponent face. I am hoping it’s my defense team but I am not sure. Couldn’t find this info anywhere so thanks for your replies :sunglasses:

It is indeed your defense team

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No matter what slot I have the defense team set up in, and if it’s re-venge would it still be my defense team or would it be the team that I attacked them with and won. Thanks @Garanwyn

Sure thing! No matter what slot. That’s why they give you the Defense Team clickie; so you can arrange slots however you want and still select a defense team.

The opponent never sees the team you attack them with, unless it happens to be your defense team. Raids are always against the defense team.

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I appreciate all the time in and input you contribute to this forum definitely makes everything more enjoyable :grinning:

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You’re very welcome! And thank you so much for saying that!

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… even if it would be a great step forward if SG decided to let us see the teams that raided us, win or loose…

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Right?! I would LOVE to be able to see that. Even better would be a replay of the battle.


Yes indeed that would be awesome.

Replay would be amazing… But I would settle for the attackers team composition which would be easy to implement. One could learn lots of things from that and improve his deffenses.

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Sometimes the raids are so close I almost want to shake the hand of the opponent win or lose. I don’t suppose SG could arrange that or maybe they could after selling to Zynga. LOL😂