What team do you use for s3 map stages?

Hello. What do you use for the map stages? The maps are harder than s2 or s1 and eventually get progressively harder as we go along.

I get by with mother-magni-onatel-wilbur-proteus. But the matches take too long. I mean i appreciate the challenge but is there a combo team that breezes by (use auto-play?) the map stages? What do you use?

I use my defense team for hard mode. Not even using battle items.


This varies for me, as some have purple bosses or monsters, so in some I will use

Yellow + Blue:
Jott / Miki / Kiril / White Rabbit / Joon (or I may use Mist instead of Joon)

Ones where it isn’t mostly purple monsters, I will use a purple + blue team:

C Rigard / Tiburtus / Proteus / Miki / Jott

Miki + Jott combnation is very useful.

The stages that have the all BLUE Elite Enemies, I used:
Telluria / Hansel / Evelyn / C Rigard / Proteus

In S2 missions, I loved using Wilbur, but in S3 I am not using him at all, or in fact, any red.


Nice!! I dont have much of the good heroes you have. But with this team, can you autoplay?

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Nice, soooo much planning… i wish i had your patience for that tho… lol. I use one team for maps, i guess thats not ideal at all.

Thanks, no I need to play. But for example every third I could win on auto play. I hate repeating so playing manually.

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It’s not much planning to be fair.
Just quick look at the main colours for monsters on the map, and the bosses and then that’s it.

Those Elite Enemy ones are the most annoying, hence I use Telluria + Hansel + Proteus, to try stop them. I always take minor antidotes on ALL S3 missions, they are pretty much mandatory in my opinion

I just make sure i take a healer with me and a mana control/stop hero, and i am golden.
I did forget to take Kiril once and instead, I took Grimm. I just wasn’t thinking lol. I lost Grimm early on and used all of my health potions

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The team i use is also good enough for me not to use any batlle items. But i end up really relying on tile damage to kill off the enemies. I mean magni hits hard but takes 2-3 hits to even kill the minions let along the boss of the stage.

This is where mother north really shines for me as wilbur and proteus (even magni actually) die off early. But mother can just revive them. So she is really a great luxury for me.

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I mostly autoplay the S3 hard mode with this team, at least after making some good matchings i left it to finish by itself. Lost only once against one of the stages with fafnir.


Sadly I don’t have any revive hero other than Muggy and he sure as hell isn’t getting a chance to prove himself in S3 stages lol.


Nice team. I see your heimdal and cRigard combo there to keep you alive and kicking. Would like to replicate your team but i only have JF here. Haha. Nice!

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DoT damages are better when playing against high defense opponents. Overall damage is definetely higher. Also there are some stages that drops the mana of your heroes by killing monsters. At that stages I used Red Hood instead of Jean.

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I rely on tile damage so much. But the DOT of vela and JF and proteus actually packs a punch as they dont rely on the enemy’s def and puts in a reliable fixed damage.

I have been able to pass all levels easily so far with this team (this is also my team for raids).

I’ve been able to autoplay the easy mode levels that are NOT “elite enemy” levels.


If you have Wukong, pair him with wilbur. It will either end in a matter of seconds or turn in a total disaster. I went with Wu till Svartalfheim and my only concern was to keep him alive.

For easy mode, now my standard team is C.Joon - Rigard - Santa - Tell - Vela. Matching Vela’s dot with fire/poison dot from the board really cripples every enemy.
In “heavy purple” stages, i just switch Rigard with Gullinbursti (and rarely Mist for Vela).
In “heavy red” stages, i switch Rigard with Kiril and Joon with Thorne.
In “heavy blue” stages, i run Almur Rigard Santa Tell Hansel. Once i fire Santa, Almur and then Telluria, i have at least 10 minions dealing 30/40 damage each.

Hard mode is really hard :rofl: Tried with the same teams mentioned above, or sometimes i try a 3-healer+Boril+Cyprian team.

But i never tried autoplaying. It makes so many idiot moves and every enemy hits too much hard for my actual teams that i prefer having everything under my direct control.

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I used to run with wu kong also. He is great against titans but in long games (with 4-5 stages) i often struggle to keep him alive.

I like that combo also with wilbur. But the only hero on my team that i can (more like “will be willing”) to replace is magni as i like to run rainbow teams.

Maybe putting in kiril for magni for the attack up?

This is what I am using:

Sif’s counter-damage reduction helps a lot. When bosses deal 600HP damage with normal attack to someone with 850 def, it’s better to bounce it back at them and get only half of damage. Miki is useful with his silence, especially against Elite Enemy rounds, and his damage boost speeds up the fight against enemies, as does C-Viv’s defense reduction and Heimdall’s attack boost. Battle items are needed only on occasion, and mostly only revive scrolls.


I’ve been doing one color-matching the boss, two for each minion color.The last one that was released was mono blue, since the minions were red and two of the bosses were red and blue. I generally take two healers of some sort, because I can’t afford the items at the moment.


Yea, that 650 normal hit damage hits like a truck. Bringing in 2 healers minimum looks like a good idea.