What stays behind the decisions of Zinga with the last updates?

I think that’s the real question. They spit on the testers, players, moderators with their behaviour and continue. IMO they just want to drain what they can from this game and to stop the support and soon after that, depending of the reaction of the masses, to shut down the servers completely. The same way how they did with one other browser game they owned. There is no other logic. Or maybe I can’t find it out… But I’m sure that the psycheology team who works for them knows and can predict how many people will quit or stop spending. Which leads me to the thought that they intentionaly want the game to die.

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If they don’t do anything I imagine the game will die eventually.
If they don’t roll out new content revenue will fall and they’ll make an ROI decision to invest in a different game.
If they want to make a ton of money quickly they could just release more heroes and content. Wouldn’t be hard to release new ninjas. Maybe even add a new Atlantis hero to spice things up. They could also ramp up sales for emblems, ascensions mats, loot tickets, flasks.

All of those seem easier decisions to make that will increase revenue more easily rather than limit breakers. I don’t see this as an intentional decision to kill the game. I’d expect a lot less bug fixing too.

If they lose 10% of players it’s not a huge loss as they still will increase revenue. If they lose more than that, I’ll be shocked, and then I’d be curious where they go. Said another way, how many players (and spenders) so they need to lose before they dramatically alter directions going forward.


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