What stage should I replay to place in challenge events?

So, I’m trying to place in challenge events. I currently rank:

Rare: 301
Epic: 287
Legendary: 64,233

I’m interested in top 1000 in rare and top 500 in epic.

My question is; how do I know what stages are optimum for repeating? I usually go with stages where I got a much higher score in a previous stage, that way I know a higher one is possible in the higher stage.

Is there a guide somewhere of average/high scores on particular stages? I couldn’t find one when I searched.

I did place in top 1000/500 last time and the two 4* mats were great. Doing this is eating a lot of resources and I was hoping for some general advice on what stages are best to repeat, beyond just seeing obviously low scoring ones.

That’s the easy one :rofl:

Not a pro for that matter, as i am currently trying my biggest push for the first time.
But i read a lot and watched a few vids so i think i understand where to aim to increase my scoring.

  • If your score is lower than the precedent level, try it again :laughing:. Level 9 is different, with 3 bosses, so score should be higher I think than level 10 to 12
  • Once all your score are increasing at each level, calculate the difference between 2 levels and aim for the lowest score
    level 1 = 10 999
    Level 2 = 11 000. (+1)
    Level 3 = 17 000 (+6000)
    Aim for level 2 in that example

My theories end there :rofl:
I’ll watch that thread carefully too, as i want to improve my score in epic + legendary but don’t want to spend more items.

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Are you making a push for the very top? I gave up on legendary, it costs more than it is worth to me since I have no chance at top 100.

Rare and Epic were worth it last time.

Your strategy is pretty similar to mine on what I choose to replay. If you are shooting for 1-10 ish, then you probably need to replay every single stage. I think I can probably place by just bringing up my worst scores. The problem is, it’s hard to say which are truly the worst. Which are farthest from the best score reasonably possible.

Answering those questions could save up to 100 battle items, so it is definitely something I wanna look into.

Last month was the first time I tried to compete in a challenge event, as I wanted top 1000 in rare. I finished rank 265 with a 721k score.

I found it helpful to keep track of which levels I got a suspicious chest on. If you haven’t gotten a chest on that level, keep replaying it. If you got a chest, it doesn’t much matter how the boards are, just kill everything as fast as you can and nuke the bosses with items. Once that happens, move on to another level. Get a chest on every level and you will be top 1000 for sure. I didn’t try for placing Top 500 for epic so not sure about that.

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No, top 1 is way over my competences and roster for now :rofl:

Currently slipped to #209 on legendary and i would like to get back in top 100 before the end. That would be incredible :partying_face:
Epic and rare, i’d be happy with Top 1000 i think.

Also remembered another thing.
I save a picture of my scores on all tier of Avalon and i compare my scores for each level.
Knowing where i scored last even, i know that if i beat my scores on every level, it should results in a better scoring overall.

But yeah, pushing for top 10 or top 5000 has major differences between what level to replay

Hmmm, I know there is a lot of time left, but I think I may have already secured top 1000 in Rare. I’ll see how much I drop overnight.

Legendary sounds way too expensive. You must need tornadoes to place?

These bomb attacks are draining my resources :frowning:

Made my first completion with dragons-axes-bombs, maybe 60-70 each.

Never used or crafted tornadoes :rofl: so it’s pretty low on that point .
I have, right now, 5 stages that i need to improve as my score is very low, compare to the other.
But i will wait for the last 12 hour of the event, to see if i really have a chance.

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Well, good luck! I hope you get top 100 in legendary!

I’d really like to take a closer look at what average scores are and where I need to improve. So I can pick the best stages to replay.

Talk to some of the “usual” top placers on Line or Discord. They will share their scores per level and give you advice. I’d focus on only 1 category though … just for resource management

They probably get a thousand messages a day :rofl: and I’m not sure of their line IDs. I’m not in any of the line groups

Here is a thread that you can watch to try to help identify target scores.

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Thanks! @Uclapack was very helpful and my scores have already made a huge improvement.


Glad it worked out for you!